15 Ideas to Enhance Your Decor

There are many ways to decorate your place, but a lot of them can be time-consuming or expensive.
Here are fifteen easy ideas to enhance the decor every room in your home or apartment.

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Kitchen | Bathroom


1. Bring out the lights

entryway lighting
Lighting is important for your mood, but it can also enhance your interior. No room should be overlooked, especially the entrance of your home. Even if it doesn’t have openings towards the outside, there still must be light.
There’s only one solution: artificial lighting. Choose a suspended or tall lamp. They’ll be less aggressive than over-head spotlights, and will make the entryway cozier. You can even try using colored LEDs or tints for a warmer feel.

2. Add wallpaper

entryway wallpaper
Bring some life into your entrance with some wallpaper. Pay attention to how small the room is. Since it is rarely well lit, do not darken it even more by covering all the walls.
One unit of wallpaper will do. You can pick unique ones that catch the eye (humorous, weird, etc.).

3. Create an office corner

corner desk
We often tend to neglect decoration of the entrance, focusing on benefits of other parts of the house. However, decoration of this room is important. If you don’t have any specific ideas, and you have room for it, try to make an office corner.
With a single cabinet/table and a chair or stool, your entryway will have an entirely new use. Of course, avoid choosing huge furniture. Opt for a colorful desk that will allow you to put down keys and store your mail.

Living Room

4. Try deconstructed shelves

deconstructed shelves
Do you find your living room too plain? Don’t panic. There’s no need to change out the entirety of your furniture. Simply bet on a single element.
One solution is to swap out your library, a little too old school, for some deconstructed shelves. Lighter, contemporary, and colorful, this new library will wake up your living room.

5. Go for a graphic rug

graphic rug
Often expensive, carpets and rugs tend to be picked late in the decorating process, especially after the furniture. Break with tradition, and choose a graphic rug that will give character to your living room design.
Try to go for light colors that do not darken the room. Match it with the colors on your walls. This is especially a good idea to give a cheap facelift to your home.

6. Bring splashes of color

colorful living room
You enjoy colors, but don’t dare to go for completely colored furniture. Start by bringing out a colorful touch to your living space little by little.
An orange vase, a turquoise tray or flashy throw pillows are all ideas that will brighten up your living room. Do not be afraid of color. The more adventurous will even dare to try neon.


7. Pick a headboard

modern headboard
Headboards is the simplest decorative solution when it comes to quick ideas to decorate a bedroom. Whether you pick classic wooden beds, or forged iron ones with embedded lights, you are bound to find your happiness somewhere.
If these don’t suit you, you can always create your own custom headboard.

8. Have a bedspread

Too often neglected (especially in apartments), the bedspread has not yet said its final word. When it’s properly put together on your sheets, it will only enhance your bedding. The decor will turn from plain to very chic in an instant.
Choose the colors according to your bed linen. You can mix and match for a more contemporary look.

9. Add stickers

wall stickers
Stickers are now everywhere, and the bedroom is far from spared. Fun and colorful, they can be found in any way, shape, or form. They’ll become that small added touch that adds a new level to your bedroom.
If you go for lighter, pastel colors, or shades, try to pick “smoother” stickers, such as monochromatic ones that blend in. Conversely, if you’re going for a more bold decor, pick colorful or funny stickers.


10. Try credenzas

luminary credenza
Originally used for serving buffet meals and displaying objects, credenzas are now beautiful and useful pieces of a modern kitchen. Use their cupboards for storage, but pick their original look to add a real element to your room. It’s time to forget about wood, stones or stainless steel, and move over to more contemporary ideas.
There are many modern choices available. You can go for a transparent credenza with a lighting component, or colorful ones that add cheerfulness to your kitchen.

11. Colorful trash can

green trash cans
Gone are the days where the trash was hiding under the sink. The garbage can has become an essential element, and is proudly displayed within your kitchen. Even if trash doesn’t seem very glamorous at first, you’ll still need to adopt new rules.
Bet on a chrome or colored garbage design that will bring a bit of modernity to your room. You can even associate the color of it to your accessories for more decorative effect.

12. Trendy accessories

kitchen hand towel
There’s no need to shudder at the word “trendy.” Decorative accessories are not reserved anymore just for the living room or bedroom.
Fluorescent hand towels, multicolored appliances, fancy bottle holder design; these are some of the innovative decorations you can think of when adding components to your kitchen. If you’re picky, just start off by matching the colors of your accessories.


13. Go for fun

shower speaker
The bathroom is one of the few rooms where you can go all out, so enjoy it. If you like gadgets and novelties, there’s a wide world of choices available to you.
From waterproof speakers, to LED shower heads, there’s something for your taste, and your budget.

14. Play off mirrors

bathroom mirrors
Despite everything else, the bathroom is still a vanity room. In other words, people like to admire themselves in the mirror, all day long. If you have the wall space, try to pick ones that either blend in, or have specific frames or forms.
Try using the angles to add ones that can stand out. You could also add mirrors in unconventional places (facing other ones, for example).

15. Modern accessories

designer accessories
Designer bathrooms may be a dream for some, but if you don’t have the means to resist the charm of a contemporary look, there’s always another option available: designer accessories.
Choose it either plain or colorful, but in either cases, your bathroom can be transformed with just one object. For a nice decorative choice, you can go for a bold, colorful towel-holder with modern curves.

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  1. I just bought a home for the first time and I am toying around with different remodeling ideas. I really liked how your article brought up the concept of lights and how they are important for my mood as well as how they enhance my interior. I will keep this in mind as I go shopping for different kinds of light fixtures to put in my house.

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