Choosing The Right Patio Furniture Material

On the terrace, patio or balcony, garden furniture has become an essential part of any home decor. Wood, plastic, metal or wicker, there are multiple solutions available, depending on your style and budget.
Here are the four main patio materials that can be right for you.


wood patio
The main advantage of wooden garden furniture is based on the nobility of the material. It’s warm, elegant, and fits well in any outdoor, whether contemporary or rustic.
For durability, choose exotic woods such as teak and iroko. Although more expensive, these woods, used to humid climates, are very resistant to weathering over the years.
In terms of maintenance, an annual thorough wash, followed by a stain coat after drying will help retain the original shade of your wood.
To protect your furniture, make sure to place it indoor during the colder season.


plastic patio
Plastic outdoor furniture is undoubtedly the cheapest option. It’s easy going and many variations/colors are available to use, depending on how you want to brighten your garden.
Maintenance is extremely simply, since all you need is some water and soap to get rid of dust and stains.
Some gradual color fading can be seen after a few years. But if you take it back indoor after summer is over, it’ll accompany you for several seasons.
The only downside: plastic can hardly be as nice-looking as wood, metal or wicker.


steel patio
Outdoor metal furniture can adopt different styles. The wrought iron will bring a romantic spirit that can perfectly with traditional home decors. Aluminium or steel will go for more contemporary design fashions.
In addition to being adaptable, metal furniture is also very solid and resistant to corrosion.
Regular maintenance is still needed to prolong the beauty of the material. Wash it with soapy water, if no rust is visible.
In terms of budget, it is definitely more expensive than plastic and some wooden models. Aluminium will be cheaper than wrought iron.


wicker patio
Wicker furniture can work well in both trendy and rustic styles, depending on their lines. Elegant, it offers a true extension to the interior design of any home.
Its other advantage is to be very weather-resistant. It doesn’t tarnish under the sun, and has protection against UV rays, moisture, freezing and fading.
Maintenance is therefore extremely easy. Use a lint-free cloth, or clean it with some soapy water and a soft brush. It’s a small effort to keep this garden lounge chic, while spending much less than for wood or aluminium.

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