Create An Industrial-Style Living Room

The industrial style is one of the major trends in interior decoration, and it’s not that difficult to pull off. Here’s what to do to create a living room in this decor.

Simplistic Walls

industrial walls
Trendy, contemporary, and functional, industrial-style living rooms will adapt to any sizes: loft, house and apartment. For smaller locations, walls can simply be coated with paint. Go for simpler and more elegant shades (white, charcoal, khaki, beige, etc.).

Brick walls are a definite aspect for a lot of industrial designs. If you don’t have any, it is possible to cover the walls with a brick-like facade. Comparable to installing tiles, these brick facades are very easy to set up. They’ll create a great atmosphere. Be sure to choose them with an aged shade, usually red or orange.

Concrete Flooring

industrial flooring
Polished concrete is ideal to highlight your design. Once poured, the concrete is worked with mechanical floats. It is during that stage that colors can be incorporated. Concrete is then dyed.
For smaller rooms, you may prefer PVC imitation for your flooring. It’ll be simple and effective, and much less expensive.

An old flooring is also an option if you want to bring a little warmth to the living room. Some dark wood, naturally worn or weathered, will work really well.

Essential Furniture

industrial furniture
For your furniture, the best solution is to hunt for the best deals.
From old metal cabinets to architectural lamps, the options are almost limitless. It’s up to you to open your eyes and find some professional equipment at great prices.

With a little imagination and elbow grease, why not get transform accessories from factories and work sites? A wooden pallet can easily be painted, weathered and mounted on wheels. Similarly , a barrel or a wooden box will make a perfect side table.

If you do not find your happiness in the recycling department, many brands now offer industrial-style furniture in their collections. One rule to follow: stay in raw materials. Zinc, iron, rusty metal and weathered wood should be the basis for your choices.
As for the sofa, tired leather is the right solution as an ideal compromise between comfort and elegance.

Targeted Accessories

industrial accessories
In an industrial setting, accessories will need to reflect the theme.
For the fixtures, keep it simple and metallic. Some lights suspended above the sofa and a beautiful lamp as extra lighting will be enough.

For additional decorations, have some old oil lamps in your room. Place them in strategic corners to bring a real touch of style and warm up the place for the winter.

On the walls, you can have fun hanging old-school advertisements. An old slate an also be used as a great way to leaves messages.

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