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About Groomed Home

Groomed Home was built on one simple ideal:
Taking care of your place should not be a chore.
The average American spends nearly two hours a day on household activities.
That’s ridiculous. It should all be simple and, dare we say, fun.

Do you put off cleaning the apartment until seconds before guests arrive?
Do you have no idea how to “make it work” between drapes and walls?
Do you have leftover beanie babies from years ago? (Just in case they become valuable someday)

Regardless of your relationship with your “stuff” and your surroundings, we are here to simplify the way you live. From decorating tips to organization tricks, we want to be the place you go to for all your home needs.
We want to help you help yourself. Yes, it’s corny, but it’s true.
If we can save an hour, a minute, or even a second of your day, we have done our job.
You should not have to worry about last-minute cleaning frenzies, being scared of surprise guests, or getting rid of unwanted clutter.

Our continuing mission is to improve your surroundings, one step at a time. You ask the questions, we give you the answers. Learn to love your place.

Welcome home.

Meet The Groomed Home Team

Alex Freedman

Alex Freedman
Position: Founder/Editor-in-Chief
Location: Los Angeles

Born and raised in Paris (France), Alex relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his passion of driving on the PCH. He also enjoys writing, but that’s a given.

Favorite TV show: Six Feet Under
Favorite food: Frozen yogurt. And sushi. And burgers.
Favorite tip: Use bread tags to keep flip flops from falling apart.
Favorite holiday: Birthdays. Those are holidays, right?
Favorite riddle: “What flies forever, rests never?”

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Laura Ludeke

Laura Ludeke
Position: Editor
Location: New York City

A new NYC transplant, Laura loves to cook, host parties, and dance the night off. Plus collecting dog figurines (yes, it’s cool).

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Favorite food: Pizza. I know.
Favorite tip: Rub a walnut against a wooden furniture ding to cover it up.
Favorite holiday: Halloween. All the costumes!
Favorite riddle: This one.

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