Decorate Your Toilet

Often overlooked, toilets are still an essential part of life. They are also in need of some serious decorating. From the unusual to the fanciest, everything is permitted. Here are some tips to brighten up that one, very specific, bathroom area.
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Toilet Atmosphere

Fresh, zen, or fancy design, let your imagination run free when it comes to toilet decoration.
Whether you like contemporary or classic styles, choose a specific theme to establish a friendly atmosphere in your bathroom.
To achieve this, try to favor stylish accessories.
Whatever style you end up selecting, always remember to strengthen intimacy and comfort above all else.
You don’t want your guests to be freaked out by them!

Stylish Accesories

fancy toilet art

  • To renovate the little boy’s room, start to bring a decorative touch with the use of various accessories.
  • For example, select a creative seat (or throne?) that’s out of the ordinary. Humorous sticks, colorful patterns, stripes, or even a picture. There’s always going to be something that fits every style.
  • The famous roll holder can always be a decorative element. If you’re feeling green, you can pick one in the form of a tree where each branch hosts a roll of toilet paper. For unwinding the TP, enamel or porcelain bring a certain “retro/vintage” touch to the bathroom.
  • Don’t underestimate how much the sink can bring to the table (no pun intended). Round or square will be a decisive factor to the overall look.
  • For the toilet pan, the ones with original geometric shapes can be very decorative as well.
  • decorated toilet

  • If you do not have an automated hand dryer, pick modern hand towels to put over a stainless steel towel rack.
  • Nice furniture in a toilet can also be used to store all your toiletries. Wooden ones are especially easy to clean. You can also create a “glowing” reflective effect through the use of chrome.
  • When it comes to the toilet mat, you can go for a fake grass one. Pretty original.

Successful Toilet Makeovers

Colors play a vital role in the decor of your room.
Dare to play with shades and off nuances between different toiletries. Make sure the colors of accessories match the walls. You can cover those with stickers or themed wallpaper.
For the ceiling, it’s always best to leave it white in order to gain brightness in the room.
Finally, you can put various “interactive” items in your room, like Sudoku puzzles, magazines, books, or stuff to write those amazing thoughts you may have.

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