6 Cheap Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom

A standard bathroom can be transformed in a few minutes into a fancy room for your daily pampering. And there’s no need to break the bank.
Here are six ideas to revamp your bathroom on the cheap.

Paint your tiles

painted tiles
To give anew look to your bathroom, it is often necessary to start with the floor.
If you have neither the time or means to change it entirely, know that special paint exists for your bathroom tiles. Perfect to give them a second life.
To successfully paint your tiles, remember to wash them first and add a sub-layer so the paint adheres well.

Vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring
For a bigger change in your flooring, there’s nothing better than using adhesive vinyl (aka linoleum) sheets to change your bathroom for a few dollars.
Linoleum is a cheap trendy material that can offer you modern and colorful flooring for a fraction of the price from “fancier” options.

Rejuvenate the furniture

You may want to change the furniture in your bathroom but without having the budget to do so. Not a problem. It actually doesn’t take that much to completely revamp an unsightly piece of furniture.
For example, you can replace the handles of your cupboards. There’s a multitude of options available, with most that you can simply screw on as replacement. You can also change or paint your doors entirely. All you need to do is get the necessary equipment in a hardware store.

Useful shelves

To inexpensively add some practical storage, go to a hardware store. Take the necessary dimensions and cut wooden sheets to make shelves. All that’s left now is to paint them according to your bathroom colors, and fix them to your walls with brackets.
Once installed, you can place all your bottles and small beauty products on them. Proudly displayed for all to see, and always on hand.

Wall decals

wall sticker
Your bathroom furniture is all gray and white, but you don’t have the means to change it. What to do? Add a little style to it for a few dollars, by adding wall stickers.
There’s a tremendous variety of styles, so they can easily fit all your decorative needs. From pebbles, to flowers, or colorful patches to put on doors, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Storage boxes

This may sound a bit stupid, but sometimes, adding some nice-looking storage can give a fresh look to a shabby room. The main reason being that by putting everything away (including toothpaste and other cosmetic products), the room will have an immediate “clean” and sharp look.
Whether you’re going for a traditional aid kit or small boxes to store products, choose matching accessories. You’ll create beautiful harmony in your bathroom.

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