Create A Country Chic Living Room Decor

The country chic style is based on a spirit of nostalgia for old family homes. The chic and cozy look of your living room should not however take away the easygoing spirit of a main room.
Here’s how to pull off a “country chic” decor the right way.


country colors
The colors used on your walls should be relaxing. Play with a bright palette that will gradient around traditional white, the color of reference when it comes to country chic decors.
You can pick shades such as beige, brown, blue-grey or powdered purple.

If your walls are made of exposed stone, it will add to the character of the room. Accentuating them will only help add an “old family home” effect. Stone walls however are not insulating, so limit yourself to south-facing walls.
When it comes to colder walls, try to use insulating coating. You can also insulate with clear paneling, very elegant for your rustic decor.


country furniture
Choose rough wooden furniture, preferably ones that show their age.
Even if they appear decrepit or worn by time, you can always lime them to get clearer tones. You can also find already-limed furniture, mostly in specialized stores.
It’s always best to also add antiques or family heirlooms if you have any. You’ll gain in authenticity.


country flooring
For your floors, stick with natural materials. If yours is already covered with stones or original tiles, keep them. Rejuvenate them a little.
Otherwise, it does not matter because a country chic living room will go well with wooden flooring. Choose wider strips, raw or polished. You can also go for weathered flooring.
Your floor will gain beauty over time as it takes an aged appearance.

Fabrics and accessories

country accessories
Soft or rough, fabrics and draperies are critical to reinforce the country chic decor. Linen curtains will look great if they echo the highlights of your decoration. Colors should always be coordinated to maintain the relaxing harmony of your room.
Pick longer curtains with a beautiful fall. You can even let them hang slightly longer than usual.
To break the rawness of the ensemble, sprinkle throughout your room throw pillows and softer materials, like velvet, cashmere or wool.

You can also add candles here and there. They’ll provide a cozy light to your room, and emphasize the hushed atmosphere of yesteryear. Arrange them near the edge of windows or on the fireplace. Play with their size.
Appropriate accessories are as well a great way of reinforcing the ambiance. Make sure they match the materials used in your room, like zinc or old metal objects.

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