Decorate A Baroque-Style Bedroom

The baroque style was at its peak during the seventeenth century. Today, we are witnessing a resurgence of modernized baroque. The decor fits in any room of any size , but is ideal for a bedroom.
Here are some decorating tips to create your own baroque bedroom.

Binary walls

baroque walls
The walls of your baroque bedroom must obey the golden rule of this style: associate black to another color. Often, baroque decorations rely on a binary pallette: black and white. These two contrasting colors are indeed the way most likely to emphasize the chic and glamorous spirit of baroque decor. But we can also consider a combination of black and gray or black and pink, which combine perfectly.

Two of your walls will be painted at least one of the selected colors. You can also consider covering your walls with a painted rococo pattern paper that is making a comeback in specialty stores.
Stickers with floral designs in the purest spirit of baroque tapestries are also great to evoke castles of the time. This type of decor can therefore sometimes be more discreet or those not that adventurous.

Cushy bed

baroque bed
A baroque bed should be an invitation to chic and pleasure. Don’t hesitate to pile on quilted bed covers.
Pick your bed linen’s colors to match the ones you’ve chosen to create for your baroque atmosphere.
Feel free to add a lot of pillows on the bed to showcase the “rich” effect. For the fabrics, choose satin shining and precious fabrics (velvet, fur, etc.).

Luxurious furniture

baroque furniture
The furniture of a successful baroque decoration is defined as a busy and luxurious style: woodwork, imposing and upholstered chairs, dressers and consoles with carved decoration and scrolled legs. Furniture stores are filled with neo-baroque pieces and offset colors such as black or silver. Prefer materials such as wood and wrought iron, ideal for baroque bedrooms.

You can also install an over-sized bed head whose exuberance and theatricality will be perfect in your new baroque universe.

Golden accessories

baroque accessories
Accessories are the key to any baroque decoration. Chandeliers and pendants will fit in the new atmosphere of your bedroom. Feel free to decline the main colors of choice, or pick glass elements if you prefer to stay more sober. Be aware however that it is through the accessories that you’ll be able to give the exuberant tone to your baroque decor.

Don’t forget to add to everything some gold or silver objects for a luxurious rococo effect. You want to make everything shine.
Frames and mirrors are also obligatory for the full picture. Specific baroque moldings for your frames are very popular right now.

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