Create A Japanese-Style Bedroom

To give your bedroom a Japanese style, harmony and simplicity are essential.
From walls to furniture and accessories, here are some tips to give your room the ultimate Asian inspiration.

Sober walls

japanese walls
For a Japanese room, the walls are preferably painted with light colors (white or even purple for a more contemporary style). In addition, chocolate or anthracite are also acceptable.

Simplicity is key when it comes to Japanese design. Avoid wallpapers loaded with shapes or images. A simple wall sticker or mural with a floral motif (bonsai, cherry blossoms, etc.) can properly decorate a blank wall.

Another possibility is to place some rice paper in key spots or on a single wall. You can use the medium to add some calligraphy to your decor.

Harmonious flooring

japanese flooring
For your bedroom floor, shades should be black or dark grey, but you can play with the contrast of your furniture. For example, if you predominantly have a dark dresser, you should go for lighter flooring.

For a more sober and refined floor, there are a few solutions. You can easily get some light-colored wood/flooring slats that are ready to be installed quickly and inexpensively. Natural wood will do great.

If you’d like a little more warmth in your bedroom, a carpet can be suitable. Choose it in darker tones, black or chocolate depending on your walls.

Sleek furniture

japanese furniture
The centerpiece of any Japanese bedroom should, of course, be the futon. This thin mattress is placed on a special tatami which can be on the ground or slightly raised. The futon bed can be complimented with some pillows to give a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Generally, it is preferable to adopt low furniture. This helps create space and give the possibility to suspend some lithographs or mirrors.
For storage, place two bedside tables next to your bed. A dresser or cabinet will be required.

Choose furniture with clear lines, darker wood (brown, deep red, painted black, etc.). A lacquered finish provides a good counterpoint to the sleek design.

Light and accessories

japanese accessories
When it comes to lighting, traditional Japanese light balls are effective and inexpensive ways to bring brightness to your bedroom. A couple of lamps or lanterns could also be great at creating a softer glow. You can place bamboo blinds on your windows to both modulate the light and accentuate the Asian spirit of your bedroom.

Flower bouquets with ornamental cherry trees, some now with LEDs, are other accessories that can bring light to your room.
A screen can be useful to define a corner as a dressing room. It is also very decorative.

Finally, if you have a green thumb, don’t hesitate to add some plants in your room. Bonsai and orchids are particularly suited to give your Japanese bedroom a natural touch.

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