3 Ideas To Modernize Your Living Room

Do you want to rejuvenate your living room? It’s time to modernize the central hub. Follow our tips to succeed in every detail.

1. Bold Walls

red apartment wall
When it comes to a modern living room, bold colors are the way to go.
Before you begin work, visualize the colors in your room.
Here are some basic painting rules to follow.


  • Strong colors like black, white, red, lime green, charcoal grey or even purple.
  • More creative color schemes can be recommended for a more “design” look. You could juxtapose a black and red wall.


  • Pastel colors, that are more plain than the bolder colors. A modern living room should wake up the eyes, not put them to sleep.
  • Basic wallpaper may not be the best of ideas, compared to actual paint. If you do opt for that option, make sure not to overload the room with it. Of course, you can try a minimalist approach and go for original decals.

2. Modern Flooring

modern living room flooring
Once you’re done with your walls, it’s time to focus on the floor. To avoid bad taste, it’s time to get rid of the “white tiles” damaged by wear and tear.
Time to take a look at modern materials, that have a real role to play in the overall modern design of your living room. They should also be easy to maintain.
A few examples are:

  • Epoxy flooring (resin-based) can be expensive, but a great choice. A bold color, that matches your walls, will be perfect.
  • Smooth polished concrete floors are also great ideas for a more industrial vibe.
  • Tiles can still work, but only if they are large, and preferably in dark colors. The idea is to combine modernity with elegance. A porcelain floor tile is your best bet.
  • Vinyl sheets can work in your favor too. They’re available in a variety of visuals, and are durable. They may however give a “colder” aspect to your place, kind of like a waiting room. Some like it for it simple and sleep design.

3. All The Furniture

modern living room furniture
The easiest of steps is probably that of picking furniture. Whatever suits you, and your decor, is best.
Even if you can’t afford the best of the best, you’ll still be able to adopt the design you want.

Sofas with clean linesminimalcouch

We start off with probably the most important piece: the couch. Try one with a sleeker design. What does that mean? Minimalism is key. Simpler is always better.
In terms of colors, it’s up to your taste. Although with walls there are poor choices, sofas are another story. Charcoal gray, or bright orange, you pick. As long as you can see yourself living with it long-term.

Fancy coffee tablesglasscoffetable

Each modern room should have its own little splurge, fragile little thing that is difficult to clean or maintain. But is simply perfect for the place. Why not go on a whim when it comes to the coffee table?
You can go for a fancy table in terms of materials, or colors. A glass-based table, or one made of steel, will catch the eye.

Crazy wall accessorieswallmirormodern

For those who like to take their decor into the details, don’t forget that you can decorate your walls with things that do not lack imagination.
You can dress up a part of the wall with a deconstructed mirror, quirky stickers, or an abstract canvas. Find your match.

Creating a modern living room is really a question of “daring” yourself to do original things and “managing” colors. In short, it’s up to you to have fun!

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