9 Ways to Use Lamps

9 Ways to Use Lamps

Do you want to create an atmosphere or change your decor? The easiest thing to do, before buying a bunch of things, is to play with what you already have: light.
Lamps are the perfect way to manage the expectations of your guests. Here are nine amazing ways to do that.

Decoration | Atmosphere | Intimacy

Decoration – Dare the unexpected


wallpaper lamp
Without upsetting everything around the room, try to think of matching lighting with wall decor.
You can combine the same strip of wallpaper with the inside of a suspended light, majestically hanging above the bed. Everything lines up, and is coherent.
It gives an overall touch of class and elegance to the room. The wall echoes within the lamp.

Big and bold

huge lamp
Contrary to popular belief, don’t hesitate to install a very imposing fixture in a small room.
This contrast will bring a bold design, and allows a much simpler view of the room. The result: increased sense of space.
Do you have a narrow living room, or a cramped entryway? Reverse scales with a sculptural light fixture that becomes the highlight of the room. Everyone will forget all about the lack of square footage.
Conversely, if you like minimalist areas, even ones a little empty, a single oversized lamp will dress up the room with a comedic touch.

Offset expectations

Imagine an enormous chandelier, worthy of a reception room, overlooking a bath. Or how about one with branches and leaves, in a bedroom, giving the place a winter garden charm.
Play off expectations, and go against them. Mix and match weird or intricate lighting systems. Add glorious fixtures where one would not expect them. Every time, you’ll create a new surprise.

Atmosphere – Catch the eye


series of lights
A house is full of little corners that you want to transform or embellish. If only I could afford a fancy staircase. The reality is that, if well placed, fixtures can change everything.
The best way to do that is to work in multiples. In other words, create a series of light fixtures that work well together.
Think of three identical suspended lamps, aligned over a sink. The small, plain kitchen becomes charming. A dead space caused by the stairwell comes alive with light. Hang over it some white globes, and you’ll create an entirely new dynamic at night.

Accumulate and multiply

multiple lamps
Three, five, eight. The more the merrier. You can play with accessories to underline the essential. With this idea in mind, you can go crazy.
Instead of one large lamp, hanging over you, try out many small lights, with a mixture of shape, style and intensity.
Another interesting idea: uniformity (but still in this “accumulation” mindset). The same repeated copy, hanging at various levels. What challenges the eye will bring originality, and personality, to your decor.


Soft halos escape from walls, shelves, or the ceiling. You’re working off staging with light. You can draw or sculpt space by guiding to the eye to what’s wonderful.
Backlit niches will push vases or items to emerge, and forms to shape up.
Bolder still, an aerial effect within a dropped ceiling. Glass tiles, on the floor, react to the light coming from above. A beautiful experience.
Lighting becomes a source of well-being and pleasure, without dazzling the eyes. Subtle, and gentle.

Intimacy – Tenderness above all

Dim the lights around the bed

lit stools
Light walls, neutral bed linen, earthy tones. All the ingredients to a relaxed night. But lights can be overlooked. Try a bedside lamp that can create light without blinding.
You can also try to bring lit stools at the foot of the bed. They’ll add an aura of light at ground level.

Fluorescent and neon

fluorescent lights
Far from the office, the whitish fluorescent sizzle makes its comeback, without the buzz-kill attached to it. Fluorescent tubes have become fancy.
No need to suspend it overhead, these tubes can be placed vertically, in strategic locations (bathroom, entryway, or hallways). Its soft glow underlines the space.

Warm up

warm corner
If you want to isolate yourself in the living room, create a relaxation or reading corner.
To invite laziness, you can place soft and soothing lights on a low table. Near a chair, they warm up the area. Everything seems softer, more welcoming, more cozy.
When it comes to adjacent lighting, try lamps above a table. You’ll get beautiful shadows spreading all around you.

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