15 Ideas To Revamp Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

If you don’t have the budget to do a full rework of your kitchen, from floor to ceiling, rest assured.
We have compiled fifteen simple and cheap tricks to give a fresh new look to your kitchen.

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1. Paint the furniture

furniture paint
We start off with a fairly simple and economical solution to revamp your kitchen: paint the furniture, which are the most visible elements of the room.

Kitchen-adapted paints exist, that are resistant to stains and household products. They are available in several colors, so there’s no need to hesitate any longer. You can create that contemporary white kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, or play with colors for a more visually striking one. The changes will be noticeable.

2. Changing knobs and handles

Does the painting seem too restrictive? The makeover of your kitchen also requires detailed work, like knobs and door handles.

Colorful, classic, or original. You choose how you want to customize your kitchen furniture based on cost.
There are many outlets, especially online (Etsy, for example) that have amazing custom-made accessories that can suit your decor, while fitting your budget.

3. Changing chairs

red chairs
If you have a dining area in our kitchen, you should not underestimate the importance of your chairs in the decor of the room.

Perhaps more so than the table, they will set the tone when no one is using them (which is most of the time).
They can give a fancy designer touch, be a colorful element in the kitchen, or enhance the cozy appearance while still being super comfortable.

4. Changing faucets

It is often relegated to the background, but faucets can help you make a kitchen more stylish, all without spending a lot of money.
Choose a bold color (red or black), or an original form so that it attracts attention.

Walls & Lining

5. Paint them

paint lining
If painting your furniture seems like too much work, you can concentrate on the part of the wall just above the countertops. That by itself will rework the overall look of your kitchen.
With special paints, that are both washable and without tile requirements, it will be a breeze to install.

6. Add wall-covering

wall covering
Another solution to give volume to your countertops and kitchen area is to install wallcoverings between your cabinets and countertop.
They’re extremely easy to install, with most of them having adhesive backs. They’ll stick directly to whatever type of wall you already have.
Between metallic effects, landscapes, quotes, and a multitude of colors, you’ll be spoiled with all these choices.

7. Have some light

tiled light
For a super cozy makeover of your kitchen, how about some tiled light?
You can install backlit glass panels, that will create a very effective lighting around your countertops and workstation. Best of all, it won’t be aggressive towards your eyes.


8. Carpets and mats

kitchen mat
Here’s a simple way to customize your kitchen and make it more welcoming. Add a comfortable mat or carpet that you put near the sink, or under the table if you have one.
You can also go for multiple mats that you’ll place wherever you’re most likely to stand (near the fridge, the sink, countertops, etc.).

9. Suspended lights

suspended lights
Sometimes you just have to look up for a new decoration idea.
Changing suspended lights can have a real impact on your kitchen. With a more or less soft lighting, you’ll create changes not only in terms of decoration, but also the atmosphere.
Of course, you’ll be able to adjust the suspended lighting to the style of your kitchen, or highlight the colors of your room.

10. Clock

To quickly dress up the walls of your kitchen, and personalize the room at the same time, go for a nice big industrial-style clock.
If you’re in a colorful mood, you can also go for crazy-looking or bold ones.

11. Trashcan

We don’t always think of it, but the trashcan is a vital part of your kitchen decor.
Instead of hiding it, try exposing it, and pick a colorful and striking shape to showcase the container.

12. Color touch

color touch
To wake up a bland kitchen without getting into heavy paintwork, you can always choose to highlight one area with some color.
For example, you can paint the frame of a window, or the bottom of a shelf, to contrast with the rest of the kitchen (orange vs. white, red vs. black).


13. Install some railing

kitchen railing
If the greatest chefs around the world need their utensils and pots always close by, why not follow their example?
Installing wall railing in your kitchen will prove not only convenient, but will also give a professional look to your room.

14. Remove all doors

doorless kitchen
Want to open up the space of a small or medium-sized kitchen? There’s nothing more simple and cheap than removing all doors from your cupboards and other storage areas, especially those that are high enough.
You’ll have a much less confined space, and a more pleasant one to live in.
And if you fear that your dishes and utensils will get too dusty, try out some glass doors, that will let you see inside your cupboards while protecting them.

15. Install shelves

kitchen shelves
Rather than cluttering up your cupboards and pantry closet, use sections of your empty walls to install some kitchen shelves.
You’ll end up gaining a ton of storage space, and can showcase fancy kitchenware or other products to your guests. All for virtually nothing.

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  1. I’ve never thought about the fact that you can actually paint the cabinets and that they have paint specifically made for kitchens. My husband and I have never particularly liked the look of our kitchen. It didn’t age well and has a lot of wood in it. We don’t have enough to do a full reno, but I bet we can find someone who’ll be able to easily paint it for us.

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