3 Basics For A Perfect Candle-Light Dinner

Whether you’ve been together for several years, or are just starting to get to know one another, a small candlelight dinner is the perfect way to (re)connect with your significant other.
With a little preparation, you’ll be able to pull off the most romantic of evenings.

1. The Invitation

romantic invitation
From the outset, you need to be original. Forget about inviting him/her over text, email or even Facebook. To set the tone of the evening, be intriguing while giving the promise of a pleasant and surprising night. There’s no secret here: you need to be romantic. Even cliche.

A flower bouquet or some chocolates with a card, delivered to her workplace, always impresses. Including to her office entourage, which won’t fail to emphasize how rare that kind of attention is nowadays For the flowers, stick with the classics: pink (but always in an odd number). As for the card, try to think of something a bit teasing and mysterious, laced with humor. Then let it sink.

2. The Ambiance

romantic ambiance
It may seem obvious, but with everything else going on, people sometimes forget that a candlelit dinner is better with…candles.
Forget braided candles and other tin holders from your grandmother. There are now much more modern tools to stage a bright and intriguing atmosphere. Some lanterns expertly placed here and there in your dining/living room will showcase the dim light. Don’t forget a few (safe) ones in the bedroom.
If you really want to play the “lover” card, you can always plant nonchalantly a few rose petals on the table. But be careful, as it can quickly become too much. Less is more.

Obviously, the atmosphere is also based on sound. Tailor the music choice to your lady (or gentleman). You can pull out the latest Korn album, but only if you’re going for an emo taste.
When in doubt, prefer a compilation of lounge music, songs you’d find in a trendy cafe. They don’t have to stand out.

3. The Dinner

candle light dinner
Let’s face it: if the two first points shouldn’t be overlooked, this third one is the true cornerstone of your evening. You can’t miss it.
For your dinner, unless you’ve taken some culinary lessons, always go for simple, fresh, and efficient. All with seasonal produce. There are enough sites out there offering plenty of recipes (including the one you’re on) that will fit your need to impress without spending a ton of time and money. Once your choice is made, tend to the wine, and don’t forget some champagne.

In terms of preparation and organization, plan to shop at least the day before. Two hours prior to the arrival of your guest should be enough to peel, slice, chop, cook and glaze your menu.
Plan to finish half an hour before the deadline, just so you have time to shower and swap out your stained t-shirt for a fancy shirt.

Check one last time the night’s program, and then relax. Enjoy your candlelit night.

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