3 Kitchen Decors

Modern kitchens display their curves, and mix materials with colors. Bright and charming, warm and natural, gentle and generous. Which one is yours?

Glamour | White | Nature


glamour kitchen
Combine pink, red, and white with some clean lines, what do you get? A modern design that gives an elegant look to your kitchen.

What it is:
  • Colors are inspired by the fashion world with its cool and gentle mix. Pink and purple join pure white and pearl.
  • You can bet on some refinement with your materials. The furniture is adorned of a lacquered finish. Walls and tiles are dressed up with iridescent glass, mirrors that play with reflections, or metallic mosaics. The counter will use glass in sanded finish, with a velvety touch.
  • Curves are simplified and alleviated to the extreme. Anything that is too technical is hidden. Handles disappear, the hood retracts or takes the form of a light fixture. Colorful, the appliance fully uses its decorative aspect.
  • You can pick your furniture from the ones traditionally used for the living room. Seats, table, counter, or even shelves, the border with other rooms fades away. An ideal decor for an open kitchen.
  • The lighting, too, is reminiscent of the living room. Don’t hesitate to choose a chandelier or suspended lights.
  • Overusing shiny surfaces that tire the eyes. If you use lacquered finishes on most of your surfaces, try having matte and satin walls, or a counter made out of concrete.
  • Violent color contrasts, often due to a large red or orange presence. Always bet on subtlety, smoothness and refinement over a flashy decor.


white kitchen
White is trendy, and is back to the forefront of many contemporary kitchens.
Refined and exclusive, it enhances any space, from large to small.

What it is:
  • Pure white is your best option. Prefer smooth and completely white surfaces over gradients.
  • With that said, try out shades. Polymer sheets offer various finishes. Up to you to create contrasts. For example, you can combine mat doors with a shiny stainless steel counter. Put the materials in opposition to better showcase them.
  • The trend right now is for “all-in-one” furniture. To avoid visual breaks, make the appliances blend into the background.
  • Sometimes though, you can break the evenness with a colorful touch (accessory, poster, vintage stools, ceramic pot, etc.). Mix and match.
  • With all this white, you’ll need some warm lighting. It’s essential, and should be integrated under the upper cabinets to illuminate the counter. You can even try clear-glass lamps suspended above the kitchen.
  • Glossy tiles. Coupled with shiny surfaces, this glossy effect is not gonna please anyone. Instead, you need to contrast the brightness of the paint with, for example, a wooden or concrete floor.
  • Escalation of colors. Pick one to underline the white, which will retain its soothing aspect.


nature kitchen
Simple, flawless and warm are some of the adjectives used to describe nature-based kitchens.
The major advantage of this design: it combines sleek design, to technology and authenticity.

What it is:
  • It’s all built on fine materials, such as ash or oak, to give an authentic look to the kitchen. Gray finishes are often preferred, as they give a sense of elegance and originality. As for handles, they’ll be discrete and only there to showcase the wood. Stainless steel appliances blends itself discreetly.
  • Combining black and wood is a very popular choice. The wood is perfect for the counter, with black picked for the sink. Walls (white or black) will play contrast with the “natural” look of the room.
  • Adding flashy colors. Don’t spoil the simplicity of your kitchen with weird accessories that distract the eye. It is time for chromatic unity, discretion and elegance.
  • Installing wall cabinets. Although useful, they do not fit this kitchen style, and even gives it a rustic look. Prefer low storage units. If need be, pick discrete shelves high-up, that can underline the counter.
  • Accumulate too many things. Avoid at all costs overloading shelves. Highlight your glassware, fine china, or pretty jars, rather than the latest thing you bought at the grocery store.

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