Choosing Kitchen Curtains

Choosing a curtain for a kitchen is less obvious than in other parts of the house.
Here are some basic tips to get you rolling.


curtain fabric
Curtains are available in a wide choice of fabric. You need to determine your needs in order to guide your research:

  • Need for privacy: orient yourself towards heavy fabrics or blackout linings.
  • Need for decoration/design: orient yourself towards light and airy fabrics.
  • Curtains near the sink: prefer materials that are easily washable (cotton, linen), as cooking smells will cling to them.
  • Curtains near the stove: prefer curtains treated against fire (i.e. if they catch on fire, the flame should extinguish itself). You can also install an awning.


kitchen curtain color
If your kitchen already has a theme and/or color, you should take care to seamlessly integrate the curtains. Match them to the tiles (including wall tiles), counters, furniture, etc.
If you have tiles of neutral colors, you should keep this neutrality with your curtains. Focus your choice towards beige, white or pastel colors.
If you can, select a range of color samples that you like and check if they match the rest of your kitchen.


kitchen patterns
When it comes to your curtains’ patterns, once again, it depends on your vision of what feel you want to give your kitchen. Everything is possible:

  • United
  • Stripes (equal or asymmetrical)
  • Flowery (jacquard weaving, embroidery, etc.)
  • Geometric shapes

You have a wide range of options on the market with suppliers of fabrics and curtains that can give you the desired final touch for your kitchen, whether modern, artistic or retro.

Where and at what price?

kitchen curtains
Curtains for kitchen are offered by almost all players on the market (supermarkets, specialty stores, online).
In terms of price, there is a wide range depending on if you get them custom-made or ready to be installed. They can go anywhere from 30 to 200 dollars.

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  1. My wife is always looking for little things to change up the design of our home, and recently she’s been looking for kitchen decor for sale. I think that finding her a good new set of curtains could be something she would like, and that she may not think about changing while she’s looking for kitchen decor. I like the patterned design that you talked about in your article, and I’m sure my wife would love a flowery set of curtains to go with her kitchen decor!

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