Bring Wood In Your Kitchen

Wood has long been a shunned material, deemed outdated and too rustic. But now, this natural component is back in our kitchens, more popular than ever.
Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in wooden kitchens.

Basic Advantages of Wood

basic wood
Wood can be appreciated for its warmth. It will give a cozy and convivial atmosphere to your kitchen. Solid wood kitchens also withstand the test of time. Usually, they will be laminated to preserve the decorative look of the wood.
It is also cheap enough and easily maintained. You’ll also be able to find kitchens with a laminate finish and oiled solid wood used as counters.
When it comes to the kind and type of wood you want, the range is wide and varied. Same goes for colors.

Three Wooden Kitchen Trends

Among the latest trends in kitchens, we can see the emergence of new materials, but also the rise of raw materials. Raw wood and concrete are becoming very popular for an industrial style, while lighter wood is great for natural kitchens.
The natural world is being brought indoors. Here are three of these popular wood trends.

All-wood kitchens

all wood kitchen
If you go for an extensive use of wood, you will be breaking from the design tradition of using it as a basic material.
Contemporary wooden kitchens can be categorized by flowing lines. Handles are concealed to enhance fluidity. Most concepts favor minimalism in a quest for purity.
These kitchen are also often massive in size. Large counter-tops are common, playing off the “family” aspect of the kitchen.
These wooden kitchens also go alongside the latest high-tech home appliances. They are also purposely selected from stainless steel materials, to contrast with the wood.
In these wooden kitchens, you can also notice a lot of “islands”. Kitchens open up to the living room, becoming the nucleus of the home.
You’ll be spending a lot of time in that space, which has now become a warm place to meet and share.

Rustic chic

rustic kitchen
With a renewed curiosity for all things antique, recycled objects, and even old-school ovens, “retro” kitchens are now popular. Revisit the family kitchens of yesteryear while preserving the spirit of the time, with very soft, natural colors.
Popular in large apartments, this harmony of light wood and stone will adapt to the city life. They’ll end up looking more contemporary than the wooden kitchens of our grandparents. The feel of rugged wood will mix well with contemporary materials.

Simple wood

simple wood
Kitchens are rarely done from a single material nowadays, which makes this trend so interesting. Bright surfaces exist alongside mat wood.
The mix of colors, with dark wood and marked veining is now a staple of naturalistic kitchens.
Mix these warm colors with lighter ones, all from a single material, and you’ve got this zen and minimalist wooden kitchen.

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