Simply Modernize Your Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen, traditional or rustic, has become a little dated over the years and isn’t as pleasing as it used to be. Getting a kitchen designer is a significant cost, but you still want to rejuvenate the room cheaply.
Here’s how to simply modernize your kitchen efficiently, and cheaply.

Change your cabinets

kitchen cabinets
There are a few elements that reflect a kitchen’s image. One such element is the paneling of your cabinets. You can completely modernize your room simply by changing the way they look.
If their size is standard, no need to change all the elements. Only the panels will be replaced. It’s fairly inexpensive and very effective.

Wenge, aluminium, red lacquer are some of the materials and colors that can simply modernize cabinets and your kitchen. You can also mix and match. Olive wood with white lacquer or terra cotta elements.

To give brightness and lightness to your ensemble, you can get doors with frosted glass or patterned.

Install a new counter

kitchen countertop
Changing countertops will give an immediate face-lift to your kitchen. To do this, there are many materials available, such as raw wood or stone, which instantly convey a sense of authenticity to the room.

For modern components, you have a great choice of colors and patterns with laminate. It’s easy to maintain, and is affordable. The best part is it mimics perfectly most other materials.

Again, nothing prevents you from mixing materials. As a reminder, your main counter should be between 20 and 25 inches wide and 1 to 2 inches thick. For height, the ideal is to match the average size of the future home cook(s).

Modernize forgotten areas

kitchen credenza
The wall area located between the cupboards and worktop is often overlooked. It is commonly tiled for traditional kitchens, but if you don’t like the style, nothing is preventing you from innovating.
You can go for some aluminium, stone, or synthetic laminate with contemporary designs. The advantage is that it’s possible to cover up the old tiles themselves. You can even adopt an opaque, tempered glass style, which are available in multiple colors.

If you want to make it simple, you can repaint your existing tiles. There are layers and specialty paints available for all styles.

Refresh floors and walls

kitchen wall
To make your kitchen more modern, it is imperative to modernize your walls and flooring.
An easy and inexpensive solution is to put PVC flooring on your old tiles. Some even mimic trendy textures and surfaces, such as polished concrete.
You can also find now tiles you can easily lay down, with a simplified clip-on system.

As for the walls, a colorful and eye-catching paint will instantly give a youthful look to your kitchen.

Sometimes, just changing a single element will transform the entire perception of a kitchen.

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