6 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Wanna transform your bedroom into your own little nest?
Here are six simple ways to brighten it up with almost no effort.

1. Add a large mirror

bedroom mirror
There’s nothing better for a tiny room than to add a large mirror. It brightens up the space, but more importantly expands it. Take one that is sufficiently large (depending on the form and size of your bedroom). The larger the surface area, the more light will be reflected.
You can try placing it above the bed, facing natural light. If you can’t, you can always add some key lights oriented towards the mirror to recreate the effect.

2. Build off walls

bedroom walls
To beautify a room, sometimes all you need to do is check on your wall colors.
There’s no need to start from scratch if they’re clean and clear. A simple fresh coat of paint will do the trick of re-brightening your bedroom. Be careful that the colors you choose harmonize the entire room. You can check our “Picking Bedroom Colors” article for more information.

3. Install added lighting

bedroom sconces
The bedroom is the ideal place for soft lighting, emphasizing quiet and relaxation.
Place a few small lamps (two or three), throughout your bedroom, primarily in the cozy and darker spots (at different heights). These added lights are enough to create a warm atmosphere. You can also have light sconces by your headboard.
You can also ask sconces on both sides of the headboard.
Get rid of your neon and low-consumption bulbs (cold lights), in favor of the more uniform CFL bulbs.

4. Have thematic objects

bedroom objects
If an over-abundance of objects can make for a crowded atmosphere, they can also create a spacious, homey feeling. To avoid the feeling of a crowded bedroom, focus on items and accessories with thematic or emotional relevance, whether in their style, textures, materials or colors. Remember that they need to fit with your furniture.
Setting a theme and having related objects does not mean creating a “museum effect” where you’re just displaying the works. Don’t add more than strictly necessary.

5. Play with bedding colors

bedroom bedding
If you’re not looking to do massive changes to your bedroom, then the easiest way of brightening it up is to change your bedding. Bet on colorful pillows and sheets/duvets. There’s a wide variety of choices, from fuchsia and green, to orange and blue.
Stay focused on a couple of colors (three max), that blend together seamlessly. Don’t go for a “rainbow effect”. Be wary of shades, colors and styles of your furniture.

6. Dress up your windows

colorful curtains
Curtains are an important part of decorating a bedroom. Once you’ve set the decor of your room and installed any trinkets, only then should you turn to your windows.
Whether you’re going for thinner, colorful curtains that allow light to pass through, or large blinds protecting your privacy, make sure they fit the style and decor already present.
When picking the right ones, make sure to measure proper length. They shouldn’t carelessly be sweeping the floor, or be way too short.

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