Make Your Own Headboard

Make Your Own Headboard

Cozy and welcoming, a bed is the central focus of the bedroom. The one element around which everything else revolves. For this reason, its headboard should be aesthetic. The only catch: the price! That’s why we came up with some quick and cheap solutions to help you make your own headboard; all you need is a touch of imagination.

The classical: Personal

Take a sheet of plywood the width of your bed. Cover it with wadding; place your chosen fabric on top of it. Nail it, staple it, and voila! You can also customize with buttons, ribbons etc.

The coziest: Cushion

headboard pillowThe headboard is certainly a decorative feature but it can also be practical and comfortable. Take a normal curtain rod, and hang it to the wall. Then, take pillows and sow some knots to them so that they can pass through the rod. You can also use pieces of cloth instead of pillows. Anything goes, from the classical canvas to wild faux-fur and curtains reminiscent of an Arabian nights’ story.
Bonus: you can change the pillows or fabric according to your moods or simply to match your bed sheets.

The original: Vintage

It’s time to recycle: reclaimed shutters, a door or even a folding screen can easily be converted into headboards. They just need a little bit of rubbing down and a good stroke with your brush and they’re ready to go!

The natural: Bamboo

Bamboo is a very strong and exotic plant. Craving for an Asian touch in your bedroom? Take some long bamboo sticks and put them together with a piece of string. For a wild effect, stagger the height of the sticks. An alternate solution: plant-based or wooden stems found in gardening or DIY shops, available in wicker, reed or bamboo.
painted headboard

The fun one: Trompe-l’œil

Simple and practical, painting allows you to easily make a decorative headboard. Here you are free to pick the colors and shapes. You can stay classical with a simple rectangular design or if you feel like unleashing your artistic talents, lose yourself in some random patterns. Using stencils will help you meet your desired effect more easily.

The trendy one: Stickers

Nowadays, decorative stickers can be found everywhere around the house. You can use them to create your headboard using shapes and patterns, nature or urban settings. For a lower cost and a more personal result, you can buy adhesives and make your own shapes.

The romantic: Tableau

Enchanting sleep, add a frame to your bed. Two possibilities: you can unearth a huge picture frame, or buy some wooden sticks and build a frame yourself. After that, it’s up to you; you can choose to give it a natural look, an antique look, or a colorful pop art approach.

The personal one: Photos

Would you like your headboard to reflect your personality? Showcase your souvenirs and your favorite experiences. Buy a piece of plywood or cork and pin-up your photos and holiday memories, postcards and other bling.

What are some of your own headboard ideas?

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  1. Oh my this sounds so nice, but what do you mean by sow some knots To pass through the rod? Wow it would be great if you have a video on how it’s done, for all those that are a visual person like me.

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