How To Choose Lighting (Room By Room)

How To Choose Lighting (Room By Room)

Choosing your lighting fixture isn’t as simple as it seems. Practicality and decor need to be considered. But where to start?
With our room-by-room guide, you’ll be able to see more clearly the different lighting options available to you.

Living Room | Kitchen | Bedroom | Bathroom

Living Room

living room lighting
It’s often said that the living room is the heart of a house. A warm room, where one meets with friends and family. The lighting is therefore as important as the decor. Efforts made to create a certain ambiance shouldn’t be spoiled by bad lights. It’s necessary to find the right balance between too much and not enough lighting.

Generally, light needs to be strong enough to illuminate the entire living room. Ideally, a halogen lamp with a dimmer can be used. This system allows you to make the place more intimate very quickly.
If you really want to use lamps with shades, make sure it is tall enough to light up the entire room.

living room fixture
The dining room should also not be neglected. Try to have some kind of light source above the table (chandelier, suspended lights, etc.). When the lighting is dimmed, it’ll create the same effect as candles. Romantic atmosphere guaranteed.’

In addition, and for visual comfort, accompany your various lamps with a direct light source. Install a soft light that is able to illuminate enough so you don’t strain your eyes when you’re enjoying a book or hanging out on the couch. A table lamp, or large floor lamp arched over the sofa can both work.


kitchen lighting
In recent years, the kitchen has evolved from a functional room, where meals are prepared, to a friendly one, where people hang out and chat. Often open towards the living room, with a table for lunch or dinner, we all spend more and more time there. Proper lighting should therefore not be overlooked.

The first step is to work on the overall lighting of the room. Why is it so important? For the simple reason that if you have a beautiful kitchen, you’ll want to highlight it.
Never underestimate the need for visual comfort. When you’re cooking or prepping ingredients, you’ll need to see everything properly.

You’ll need to illuminate the room evenly without glare. To do so, you can use homogeneous lighting on both sides of the kitchen. You’ll avoid excessive eye fatigue. For this kind of indirect lighting, overhead and ceiling lights are recommended.

overhead kitchen lights
Next up, localized lighting. It’ll serve to shed a light on the various kitchen areas. Counter-top, sink, stove, etc. There are quite a few areas that you’ll need to bring out from darkness.
Adhesive LED lights, such as Sylvania DOT-it or Fulcrum Stick-On Tap lights, will allow you to put a shine on hard-to-see kitchen spots.
Overhead fixtures, or ones under wall cabinets, can be also installed to reduce the risk of domestic accidents. This kind of direct lighting gives you a warm light, ideal for the kitchen.

Once the practical aspect has been settled, it’s time for some decorative ideas.
To enhance parts of the kitchen, you can play with light sources. Spotlights on rods attached to high-up furniture will showcase them, while ones skirting the floor can illuminate the ground.


bedroom lighting
In the bedroom, what you’re looking for above all else is a relaxing atmosphere. The light should be soft and subdued. One recurring mistake in this room is to have only one light source.
It is necessary to have different lighting for each activity (getting dressed, organizing clothes, reading, etc.).

If you’re looking to light up the entire room, it will be through indirect lighting. Although overhead/ceiling lamps are part of this type of lighting, these bulbs and lights would be too bright, and should be avoided.
Choose bulbs with a warmer light. Don’t hesitate to add a dimmer on top of it. You’ll be able to change the atmosphere to fit your mood.

bedroom light fixture
Suspended lights are not suitable for reading. You’ll need to complement them with direct lighting.
A table lamp on the nightstand, one fixed to the wall, or a reading light clipped on your bed’s headboard are three options perfectly suited ideas to avoid any eye strain.

If you’re among those who spend hours looking for their beloved shirt, due to lack of adequate lighting, you should know there are ways to light up the interiors and exteriors of your closest. Like many fancy display cases, you can add it above it. If the closet is deep enough, it’s also possible to place these spotlights inside your storage unit and internal shelves.


bathroom lighting
With most bathrooms having little to no windows, light must be carefully tailored. The goal is to get as close as possible to natural daylight. As with other parts of the apartment or home, you’ll need to combine different types of light source.

Sustained and indirect lighting should be added for the entire room. Direct lighting will be used for the “strategic” area that is located above the bathroom sink.
Since your bathroom is also a relaxation room, the brightness should be toned down. Smooth is good.
Prefer yellow and warm lights, to cold and white ones. Don’t forget these rough mornings.

bathroom fixture
Try placing overhead lamps emitting diffused lighting. If you find that suspended lights are not suitable for your bathroom, you can always create a dropped ceiling with light fixtures. Once again, the result shouldn’t be aggressive on the eyes.
We favor the cold light produced by LEDs compared to halogen lamps. They’re closer to natural light.

Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to complement it with direct lighting.
Several options are available to you. The most obvious is, once again, the use of spotlights above the mirror, or suspended lamps.
One can also opt for a backlit mirror, with integrated LEDs, for more minimalist decor.

Finally, the location where you’ll be placing your spotlights is very important.
They can be put above the mirror, or on its sides, but be careful. If too high, they’ll accentuate dark circles. Too low, and they’ll make you look bad.

What are some of your favorite ways to light up a room?

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