8 Spice Racks For Your Kitchen

If you cook enough times in your kitchen, then you know that easily getting to your spices in time is vital. What better way to keep them in check than with a rack?
Here are eight of the best spice racks around, to suit your kitchen.

Alder Wood Spice Rack

alder wood spice rack
This 3-tier rack is a simple and elegant wooden rack that will showcase your spices. Best of all, the rack provides plenty of storage space to keep your spices organized. And all you need to clean it is a damp cloth.
Where to buy: Target – $25

Bekvam Spice Shelf

bekvam spice shelf
If you love multi-functional and cheap IKEA accessories, you’ll love this one. All you need to do with this small spice shelf is to mount it. Then, you’ve got the perfect rack for all (well, most) of your kitchen needs. The accessory can hold between six and eight bottles, but given how cheap it is, you can pretty much get as many as needed.
Where to buy: IKEA – $4

Expand-A-Drawer Spice Organizer

expand a drawer spice organizer
Who needs walls? Re-purpose one of your kitchen drawers as a spice organizer with this very convenient tray, that underlines your jars. It also angles itself, so you can conveniently read the labels. When fully expanded, you’ll be able to fit about 36 round or square spice bottles in the drawer. It’s also very durable thanks to its plastic construction, and is only 18 inches deep, so it fits in most kitchen drawers.
Where to buy: Amazon – $17

Olde Thompson Square Spice Set

old thompson spice square set
This revolving carousel is a simple and aesthetic choice if you want to display your spices on your counter. The pack includes 20 glass jars with chrome lids, all customized for every common spices (from fennel and basil, to parsley, paprika, or oregano). The list is too long to name here, so you’ll have to check the site yourself.
Where to buy: Overstock – $50

Organize It All Chrome Rack

organize it all chrome rack
If you prefer old-school spice racks, then this one is for you. Three tiers, wall-mounted, and sturdy steel-wire construction are three of its main features. It’s a pretty minimal rack, but since all you need is to store and organize your spices, you don’t necessarily want (or need) something fancy.
Where to buy: Amazon – $13

OXO Spice Turntable

oxo turntable
An elegant solution for your spices could be to avoid a rack, and instead opt for a turntable. Especially if you only have a few classic spices you prefer, having the jars on the base can prove to be your best option.
Where to buy: OXO – $12

SpiceStor Cabinet Clips

spicestor cabinet clips
The most minimalist spice-holder on this list, the “rack” is in fact a series of door clips. They are adjustable and adaptable to whatever custom design you prefer. 20 round clips are provided, with a diameter than ranges from 1.5 in. to 2 in. They have sticky foam tape backing, so you place them pretty much anywhere.
Where to buy: Amazon – $9

YouCopia SpiceStack Bottle Cabinet Organizer

youcopia spicestack bottle cabinet organizer
If you have limited space in your kitchen cabinets (who doesn’t?), or simply don’t want to mount anything on your walls, you can opt for this simple bottle cabinet organizer. The three pull-out drawers also lower to display your spices in full view. The ensemble also includes about 100 removable drawer labels for complete customization.
Where to buy: Amazon – $40

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