Organize Your Bedroom Simply

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which makes the bedroom one of the most important rooms in our home. The room also serves multiple other purposes, which creates a mess.
Learn to organize your bedroom simply and recreate the peaceful sanctuary it should be.

Assess | Four Steps | Bedroom Routine

Assess the situation

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The first thing to do is to determine how you use your bedroom. Yes, it’s not all about sleeping.
There is going to be an impact on the way you organize the room. Maybe you’re the kind of person who does everything in his/her bedroom, from yoga to accounting. Maybe your bedroom is a room you want to leave ASAP, with quite a mess left in your wake.
If you want to limit any clutter, you should use your bedroom only in the morning and bedtime. This will limit the number of “stuff” in it, and to reserve the room for sleep, relaxation, and romance.
You can probably do the rest of your activities elsewhere, and create a routine that will help you unclutter the furniture and floor.

The Four Basic Steps

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Before creating a routine, you’ll need to unclutter and organize your bedroom. Here are four basic steps to get you started.

1. Make the bed

Taking a few minutes every morning to make the bed will help you create a habit of keeping order in your bedroom in general. Try not to cover it with clean or dirty cloths, bags or other things that will prevent it from looking cozy (for you).

2. Clear the floor

If your floor is covered with shoes, consider getting a shoe organizer/rack or shelves for your wardrobe. You can arrange them by color and season for easy access. If you decide to store your shoes under the bed, choose the day before the pair you’ll be wearing. No need to look for them in the morning.

3. Organize the bedside table

Things you do not need on a daily basis may have accumulated on your bedside table over the months/years. Hair accessories, sunglasses, books, magazines and prescription drugs can often be found there.
Put these otherwise unnecessary objects away, so as not to feel overwhelmed by the clutter come bedtime or in the morning.

4. Put the clothes away

Avoid turning to the floor, a chair or some other furniture in your bedroom as a laundry basket replacement.
Immediately hang the clothes you plan to wear again. Install hooks to hang PJs or robes. Put a laundry bag/basket in your closet (or nearby) for your dirty clothes. Two bags are perfect for sorting on the fly white and colors.

Have A Bedroom Routine

bedroom night and day
Develop a routine to help you stay organized. Apply one or two of these simple tips in the morning or evening.

Avoid the morning race

If you tend to be a last-minute kind of person in the morning, and put your bedroom upside down to find your shoes (or other accessories), then you need to prepare what you need the day before.
Try to install a hook to hang clothes you pick. Add a small basket, or reserve space in your closet to put your small items on (jewelry, socks, etc.).

Bedtime routine

A fixed bedtime routine will help you unwind and prepare your mind and body for sleep. Each person has a specific activity that helps them to relax. Taking a little time each evening to tidy up the bedroom will not only help to keep the room clean and organized, but also make it more conducive to sleep.

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