9 Magazine Racks For Your Living Room

Paperwork can be neatly organized in many ways. The easiest and simplest, is undoubtedly through the use of a magazine rack.
In addition of holding the latest issues of your favorite magazines, it can also serve to display important documents, and can even have a decorative use.
Here are nine of the best magazine racks on the market, perfect for your living room.

Free Standing

Adesso Zurick Rack

zurick rack
This very popular magazine rack offers a simple yet stylish and sturdy design.
Its clean lines and wooden finish will be a great addition to your living room. The handles make it really easy to move around the room, especially when loaded with paperwork or magazines.
Its size also allows you to use it as a throw pillow holder for your couch.
Where to buy: Amazon – $49

Winsome Magazine Rack and Folding Tabletop

winsome rack
A handy addition to any living room, this magazine rack also offers a folding tabletop. Combining these two popular features in one product is a great way for you to save some space.
The tabletop is wide enough to put beverages and stack some books, while it still offers two storage slots for your magazines.
Where to buy: Amazon – $57

Pramana Magazine Basket

pramana basket
This woven basket is a great, classic way to hold documents and magazines in your living room.
It is well-made, functional, attractive, and goes well with any decor. It is also very roomy, and its handles allow it to be easily moved.
Where to buy: Crate & Barrel – $69

Mesh Magazine Rack

mesh rack
Thanks to its metal frame and steel finish, this magazine rack has a very contemporary and stylish look. The rack also has a cascading design, which allows easy viewing of paperwork or magazines displayed. Simple, and effective.
Where to buy: Bed, Bath & Beyond – $59

Wall Mounted

Wave Wall Magazine Rack

wave rack
This sleek, wavy, metal magazine rack is a great minimalist addition to your living room.
You can roll up your newspaper or documents, and display them easily. When not in use, the holder retracts back to its rectangular shape.
Where to buy: Target – $39

Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack

kvissle rack
Like its counterpart, this IKEA product is also made out of metal, which means it is both heavy and very sturdy.
Its many compartments will allow you to comfortably store your paperwork with ease.
Where to buy: IKEA – $15

Spontan Wall Magazine Holder

spontan rack
Why you’ll love this holder: a modern design, three large racks, and an unobtrusive form.
Bonus: it is very easy to install and can hold lots of magazines (about ten per shelf).
Where to buy: IKEA – $10

Nathan Wall Magazine Rack

nathan rack
This magazine rack is very simple in its design. It doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it’s quite a quality piece. Slim and easy to hang, you’ll be glad you have a gorgeous rack for all your paperwork.
Where to buy: Home Depot – $92

Mesh Basket Ladder

mesh wall rack
This classic, wall-mounted magazine rack offers three baskets for your documents. The design is stylish, and the product is well constructed and durable.
With each rack holding about ten magazines, it is compact yet roomy. If you don’t like the silver color, you can easily spray-paint it to match your decor.
Where to buy: Amazon – $40

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