Unclutter Now: Nightstand

Your nightstand is a corner of your bedroom you rarely visit, which may be why stuff accumulates there. Here’s how to quickly unclutter it.


  1. Remove anything that isn’t actually useful. One of the most common used items is outdated/stale medicine.
  2. Throw out old tissues, ads that fall out of magazines and other useless paperwork.
  3. Check any hand creams, masks, and other cosmetics you use before going to sleep. Select the ones you need to apply right before going to bed, and put the rest in the bathroom (or get rid of them).
  4. As for candy, drinks, and other packaging, it goes without saying they don’t belong in your bedroom in the first place.

We’ll spare the magazine and book stack near the side of your bed. It’s a speed uncluttering, after all.

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