Unclutter Now: Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are filled with unnecessary gadgets and cluttered with barely used accessories.
Here’s how to streamline everything and unclutter your counters the right way.

cluttered kitchen counter

  • Remove junk: As the center of attention of most open kitchens, a counter can garner a lot of unnecessary objects that have nothing to do with cooking or food. The first step is to get rid of anything that doesn’t belong.
  • Eliminate unused equipment: If you have a mixer that you never use, a Thanksgiving turkey platter, or a bread/ice-cream maker that are only used seasonally, there’s no need to have them taking space the rest of the year.
  • Hide cleaners: It’s common for people to leave out the cleaning products they regularly use (antibacterial, wipes, etc.). The truth is, unless you’re using them right now, they shouldn’t be hanging out. You should place them under your sink or utility closet.
  • Consolidate beverage and bar area: You probably have a coffee maker or coffee-bar with various beverages. If you often have guests over, you may even have other alcoholic beverages and cocktail accessories. Depending on how often you use these things, it is best to combine everything into a specific area.
  • Store what you can: Once you’ve uncluttered most of the counters, it is now time to take a hard look at what is left, and ask yourself if you truly need these things out and about. Chances are that a lot of utensils, plates or other accessories are better left stored in cupboards or someplace else.

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