Organize Your Pantry: The Checklist

Keeping a checklist is a great way to make sure your pantry is neat and tidy. Here’s one you can use to keep your pantry in tip-top order.

For the basics of pantry organization, you can see our dedicated post.

  • Keep track of your items
    It’s always a good idea to maintain an inventory on all of your household goods. You’ll always be prepared for anything and you can create a shopping list in a matter of minutes.
  • Have a system for storing food items
    Know how you plan to store you foods. Many people thrive on storing in clear plastic containers simply because it is always easy to see what foods are running low.
  • Choose appropriate containers
    Containers should be able to protect food and store the foods completely. Remember to make sure that the top of the container closes properly.
  • Utilize left over space for other kitchen appliances
    If you have extra room don’t be afraid to bring in some other kitchen appliances. A great tip is to store plastic bowls or maybe even rarely used cookware.
  • Unclutter unused foods
    Don’t keep food that you don’t eat. Sometimes we buy things we think we’ll cook and never do. If that bag of beans isn’t going to go in the crockpot anytime soon consider donating it to a food drive.
  • Keep often-used supplies readily available
    If you enjoy baking or like certain spices on your food keep those items easy to find. Don’t create a hassle for yourself!

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