Organize Your Suitcase

Your holidays are booked and your suitcases bought. There’s only one problem: you can’t bring everything you want. Fortunately, we’re here to help.
Here’s how to organize your suitcase the right way, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re bringing.

Putting Everything In

fitting suitcase
Let’s be honest for a moment: who hasn’t been upset at a suitcase for not closing properly? We all remember the numerous attempts, from sitting on it, to asking friends for help.
Besides the obvious (buy a bigger suitcase, etc.), the real tips to fit things in your suitcase is how you fit them in.
There’s no need to fold your clothes, as they actually will take too much space. On the contrary, you’ll need to flatten them with a clothing iron, and lay them across the suitcase at the bottom. You’ll also avoid any unwanted wrinkles.
Put aside what will fit anywhere (socks, underwear, etc.) to fill any holes. On top of space saved, you’ll be able to block your stuff and avoid any risk of spills and shocks.

With that said, nothing beats vacuum storage bags. The concept is simple: reduce the volume of your clothing.
To achieve this, you need to vacuum-seal your things. You can reduce the volume four times over. With that said, the weight will remain identical, so don’t overload your luggage.
Consider adding an iron to your suitcase if you don’t want wrinkled clothes.

Lightening Up The Luggage

light suitcase
Besides the convenient side of it, traveling light is sometimes a necessity. If you’re not willing to buy what you need on the other side, you’ll have to tweak your content to have a suitcase you can carry.

Cosmetics quickly add up and can easily weight down your suitcase. Two solutions are available for you to maximize lightness while maintaining comfort.
First, you can buy the products in miniature format. Toothpaste, shower gel, and even shaving cream can easily be found in sizes small enough that they’ll last for the duration of your trip without costing you space.
If you’re feeling frugal, you can also transfer the contents of your bottles into smaller containers.

Another tip to lighten up your suitcase, this one often overlooked: wear the heavier clothing the day of departure. Anything that is on you (sneakers instead of sandals, jacket instead of vest), will alleviate your full suitcase.

Finally, the best “light” tip that can be given is to make choices. It may be easy to some, and extremely difficult for others, but ask yourself the right questions and cut back what you’re bringing with you “just in case”.
Be realistic about what you’ll actually need on your trip.

Quick Tips

quick suitcase tips
Before you get to it, here are some additional quick tips to help you fit everything properly:

  • Roll what can’t be folded.
  • Turn inside-out any jacket or coat. Put one shoulder into the other one, and fold gently.
  • Put anything heavy or large under at the bottom. Keep everything that may get wrinkled until the end, and place them on top.
  • Don’t forget to put any liquids in a separate bag. If a leak happens, it will prevent to spread throughout your suitcase.
  • If you’re afraid of foul odors in your luggage, put your shoes in a separate bag as well. You can also add a scented scarf.
  • Place any important documents (boarding pass, map, etc.) in a separate pocket.

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