Organize Your Utility Closet: The Basics

Your utility closet can certainly become an easy area to store a jumbled assortment of items. The most common issue with the utility closet is, unlike the bedroom closet, you probably don’t visit it every day. However, it is important to have this closet in order for the very same reasons as any other closet—so that you can find things easier!

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cluttered utility closet
A utility closet can easily become a “catch all” for numerous items you may have in your home.
The best way to start uncluttering is to figure out what you want your utility closet to be for. Do you want to store linen, arts and crafts supplies, cleaning products? Once you know what you want in there, it’s time to remove the things you don’t want. You should remove any trash or unwanted materials that you never use to make room for the things that you need. If you store linen, take a look at the condition of them. If they are old and ragged, consider throwing them out or finding a purpose for them. If you’re focusing your utility closet on cleaning products or home improvement ones, remove the stuff that does not belong. Look through the supplies that you have. Make sure that you have no empty boxes that are serving no purpose. Uncluttering is an essential part of getting your utility closet in order because it removes everything that is only getting in your way.


The organization of the utility closet can be broken down into three simple steps to make the process run much smoother and to ensure that you don’t leave anything out.
gathered supplies
First, gather all of the supplies that you want to include in the utility closet. Common supplies are brooms, mops, buckets, cleaning supplies, etc. You should scour your home for any item that fits the mold of something that would be best stored in the utility closet. Lay everything out so that you can see it easily.
utility storage
Next, you need to create appropriate storage units. A utility closet is generally very small. For this reason you should be sure to utilize shelving and also incorporate pegs and hooks to store items that can easily hang. You have to be mindful of the space that you have and don’t be afraid to get creative by expanding the amount of space you have with custom shelving!
stored utility items
Finally, you have to store away the items. Remember to store cleansers on higher shelves especially if you have children. Lay down shelving paper to catch any spills that may occur over time. Include labels to make it easier to find the items that you need. Use the pegs to get items off of the floor such as brooms and aprons. Another great trick is using a rod to hang up storage bags, dusters, or other cleaning brushes. Don’t forget about the floor!
Remember that vacuums and buckets can be stored away neatly in the floor of the utility closet.


maintained closet
Maintaining the utility closet can be fairly simple. The main thing to remember is to clear out products that are empty or outdated and put things back where they belong. If you implement a labeling system, it will make it much easier to find the things you need and also realize when you have run out of something. Taking a few moments once a week to evaluate your utility closet will do wonders to keep it in working order.

We’ve also made a separate checklist, for a quick overview

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