Unclutter Now: Magazines & Articles

Over the years, most people accumulate a ton of articles, newspapers and magazines in the hopes of getting information from them at some point. You hang on to these papers because you “should” or “will” read them sometime.

The idea of having knowledge at a moment’s notice on a specific subject is compelling, but there’s no reason to have so much paper clutter in the 21st century. If we look a things objectively, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have time for most of them. In fact, some probably have become outdated since you got them.

magazine pile
Here’s all you need to do to unclutter and get rid of your magazines/articles:

  • Grab a few articles/papers without reading them.
  • Realize you won’t be reading them. And that’s okay. Worst case scenario, you can always look up online the information.
  • Put them in your recycling bin. Breathe in.
  • Rinse and repeat.

That’s it. Guess what: the world didn’t end.
And you got rid of some of that unnecessary clutter.

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