Unclutter Now: Gloves

Summer is actually the perfect time to get rid of clothes you won’t need for months (i.e. winter clothes). First one on the list? Gloves.
big glove
First off, you need to take out all your gloves from your drawers, closets, and your coats.
You’ll then be left with a few different types of gloves:

  • Very likely, the first kind you’ll encounter is the “solo” glove. The pair is no more. No point in keeping it.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find very durable gloves, often leather ones, that will still last you for winters to come (and in good condition).
  • Ski gloves or similar multi-usage gloves that will need to be washed.
  • Standard gloves that can be patched up to form.

Regardless of what you end up with, it is important to only keep pairs of gloves that are not only salvageable but also durable.
Once you have the gloves you want to keep, store them in small plastic bags, in pairs. If you have a drawer for your accessories, this the best place to put them in.
Try to store them where you’ll know they’ll be. In other words, people often forget the gloves in their coats, so be careful of that.

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