20 Clever Organization Tricks

Uncluttering and organizing your life may seem like a hassle, but there are a ton of brilliant tricks using simple household objects. We’ve compiled the best of the best.

Bag Holders

bag holder
Bag organizers/dispensers are very handy items for your household. If you’re feeling green, and you don’t want to buy a dedicated bag dispenser (however cheap they may be), here’s a cool alternative: if you have an empty kleenex/tissue box around, you can use it as a central place to store your grocery bags. If not, you can also take an empty wet wipes container. Don’t have the plastic bags scattered around the house.


Take a page from fancy hotels and attach woven baskets to your bathroom walls. Not only is it fancy, it will give you extra storage space for your towels, linens, and other utensils. They are usually about $10 a piece and can be easily repurposed to solve your space issues.

Binder Clips

binder clips
The ultimate cheap tool to organize all your accessories, from beer organizer, to folder stopper, cable catcher and keeping neat your hair bands.

Bread Tags

bread tags
There are so many uses for one of the most common items around, but one often overlooked is using bread tags as labels for your cables and appliances. You’ll never wonder again if it’s the fridge or microwave you’re disconnecting. (Tidy Mom)


If you don’t go hiking, you may not know how vital carabiners are to, well, your life. In fact, they can be as useful outside the mountain paths. Use a carabiner to keep your hair ties in one place. You can pack a single carabiner with hundreds of them. No need to scatter them around the apartment anymore.

Command Hooks

command hooks
These are great hooks that come in any sizes to fit inside your cabinets or walls. They work amazingly well and don’t damage your furniture. There’s a variety of uses for them, ranging from hanging cords, purses, and even cleaning supplies. Best of all, they’re not permanent so you can just move them around when you need to.

Clear Containers

clear container
The best of the bunch, see-through containers are amazing for storing sets of different items (like medical or bathroom supplies). When you have a bunch of small objects that don’t seem to belong in a specific place, put them in a container for your own version of item potpourri. They’ll also specifically fit your needs thanks to the variety of sizes and shapes. Maximize the space.

Curtain Rods

curtain rod
We’ve previously seen how to save space in your small apartment/house, including the usage of curtain rods to maximize your bathroom. The great thing is you can also use them as amazing dividers, specifically in your pantry. Position a pair of them at various intervals. You can also mount a spare tension rod inside a cabinet to organize your bottles easier.

Egg Cartons

egg carton
You may have overlooked this very useful common staple. Use them inside your kitchen drawers to divide utensils, or elsewhere to organize your Christmas ornaments. Nice and safe for next year.

Ice Cube Trays

ice cube
Besides cooling you down, mini ice cube trays can be used as more unorthodox organizers. Put them in your dresser, and use them to organize your earrings. Compartments are small enough to fit a few pairs, and they’re divided evenly so you can decide which ones you need at a glance.


animal jars
Who doesn’t love jars. Mason jars have literally thousands of uses, but regardless of their sizes or shapes, we find them extremely useful for any type of organization. You can pretty much do anything with them. Paint the lids in vivid colors for added prettiness.

Magnetic Tape

magnetic tape
You can buy magnetic tape with some adhesive backing to put on walls, flat surfaces, or inside cabinet doors. Use it to easily mount and access magnetic items like hair clippers and bobby pins in your bathroom, and even small utensils in your kitchen. They can be found online relatively cheaply. Just cut away a strip, peel the cover on the tape side, and stick it.

Metal Hooks

metal hooks
Fun fact: hooks can pretty much hang anywhere and hold anything. There are countless unique ways to use them. Try placing them in your bedroom, add them to your dresser or tables for added jewrly storage (and easy access).

Shoe Organizers

shoe organizers
Despite the name, you can repurpose shoe organizers for other needs (besides shoes). Use them has over-the-door organizers for all your needs, from cleaning supplies (bottles will fit neatly), to styling equipment and tools.

Shower Caps

shower cap
You may not have ever bought a shower cap, but you can use ones from hotels or beauty salons and use them to wrap up shoes neatly in your suitcase. You’ll keep your clothes clean for your travel.

Shower Hooks

shower hooks
Old shower hooks are perfect for closet storage. If you don’t want to buy hooks, you probably already have some rings around your house that might accomplish the same thing. Use them has bonafide hangers for your purses or self-hanging kitchen utensils. They can also work amazingly well for your over-abundance of necklaces.

Tennis Racket

This may be too hipsterish for you, but if you have a tennis racket lying around that you never use, why not transform it into a full-blow accessory organizers. Never lose earrings or necklaces again.

Toilet Paper Rolls

tp rolls
Reuse old toilet paper tube pieces inside the perfect storage space for your pens and art/office supplies. Take out an empty shoe box, cut out the tubes to the same height, and stick them together standing up. You don’t even need glue.

Ziploc Bags

ziploc bags
It’s a classic, and you can never go wrong with them. If you have boardgame pieces wandering around, it’s the perfect solution for keeping it all together (useful for everything from Settlers of Catan to Monopoly). The most common use for ziploc bags will probably be using them for small items like jewelry, or pens.

What are some of your own household objects you use to organize?

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