How To Create A Closet (For Your Clothes)

If you don’t have a lot of space, or on the contrary want to create a giant walk-in, crafting a closet out of something (or nothing) can prove difficult.
We show you how to do it effortlessly.

Usage | Cost | Location
Interior | Lighting | Accessories

Determine the usage

To meet your needs, a closet should be well thought-out. Before you start thinking about installing it, you must study how you organize things, and which clothes you want to put it.

Take the time to count your sweaters, pants, shirts, etc. You’ll want to determine the most appropriate storage. For example, if you have more t-shirts than anything else, you’ll want to prioritize shelves. In contrast, you’ll want a bigger wardrobe space when it comes to shirts, jackets and trousers.
If you have a significant other or a family living under the same roof, you’ll need to take into account their own needs. A clothes closet for one person is different than one for multiple people.


fancy closet
The cost of clothes closet can obviously vary from one to the next. The minimum total cost could be around $500 if you plan to “build” it yourself after buying the kit.
If crafts and patience are not your forte, then you can hire a professional who will create a tailored closet to fit the available space. The price is, of course, much higher. Usually at least $2,000.

Targeting the right location

Dedicated room

dedicated closet
Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have an empty room that you can turn into your own walk-in closet. Plan a minimum of 40 to 65ft² if you want to put on clothes in the closet.
Starting from 40ft², design possibilities are numerous. You can go for a “U-shape” configuration, which allows everyone to have a specific area covering three walls of the room. Another idea could be the “double I” shape which offers two storage spaces on two opposite walls. An “L-shape” would be created around a corner of the room and cover two walls.


bedroom closet
If you bedroom has a fairly large area, you can exchange your furniture space for a real walk-in closet.
In a wall, for better visibility, or in a corner to maximize space, the closet can also be created around the headboard or wall to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Useful.


hallway closet
You dream of a closet but not a single room of your home can accommodate it? No need to panic. If you have a hallway wide enough (at least 2.5 feet), you can use this space to create your own closet.
Unlike the bedroom or dedicated room, it is best to opt for a closed closet. You’ll want to hide your clothes and not risk making a mess.


bathroom closet
Sometimes, a bathroom proves to be the perfect spot to create a closet that meets your expectations.
If the space allows it, you can separate your room into two parts: the bathroom space and dressing room area.
If the solution to install your closet in the bathroom appeals to you, know that a window or ventilation system will be essential to avoid moisture that could damage your clothes.


stair closet
Use every inch of your home and consider installing a closet under your stairs (if it has enough room to accommodate cupboards and a wardrobe).
If idea seems compelling, don’t forget that, as a matter of practicality, your staircase should be close to your bathroom or your bedroom.


attic closet
Under a roof, the possibility of creating a closet is reduced, but not impossible. Sometimes, it is ideal to use every square inch of your room. The slope will play on the depth of your shelves. And its height will determine the space available for your closet.
You’ll need for it to be at least 4 feet tall and 2 feet deep for easy access and a convenient closet.

Creating the interior


closet shelves
Simply put, shelves are indispensable. They’ll allow you to organize sweaters, t-shirts, and other small accessories.
To optimize the storage, they should only be spaced 6 inches apart. The width should not exceed 15-20 inches.

Hanging space

hanging space closet
We all dream of a huge closet where we could hang all our coats, dresses, jackets and pants.
If you’ve decided to take the plunge and go the extra-step to making a walk-in closet, then you’ll need a good hanging space. Try to go for a height of 3 to 5 feet for the rod (which can be installed in two superimposed parts), and a depth of 2 feet.

Accessory storage

tie rack
Ties and scarves should also find their place in your closet.
To store all your small business, you’ll be spoiled for choice among the many storage products available by professionals. Drawers for lingerie, tie rack, jean holders, dividers, shoe holders, etc.


A well-organized closet is good. But a well-lit dressing room, that’s even better.
To avoid spending precious minutes in the morning to find that one shirt you want, you’ll want to have generous lighting. For a neater walk-in closet, consider installing all electrical cables when making it.

For maximum comfort, choose automatic lighting that detects when doors are opened. For more efficient lighting, go for LEDs that consume less power. They’ll light and reach full power immediately, unlike low-consumption bulbs.

Recessed lighting

recessed closet
Fixed, adjustable or telescopic, recessed lighting is ideal for closets.
Installed in your ceiling, it will offer a homogeneous lighting.

Lighted closet rod

lighted closet rod
The lighted closet rod is an excellent light accessory to highlight your hanging space and clothes.

Lighted shelves

lighted shelves
If the rod can be the main light source, lights placed under shelves should only be used as additional lighting. They’ll help you better identify which sweater you’re picking up.

Backlit backgrounds

backlit closet
Very fashionable, backlit backgrounds allow light to shine through the entire hanging space of your closet. They’ll also showcase your clothes. The light usually spreads out across the entire closet, no corner will be devoid of light.


Bedroom bench

bedroom bench
Small benches and storage units placed at the end of your bed can also serve as a great addition to your walk-in closet. You’ll be able to store some clothes, and sit down for your comfort.

Laundry basket

laundry basket
To have everything ready to go, consider having a laundry basket in your closet rather than in your bathroom.


closet mirror
Because we all like to take a quick glance at what we’re wearing, don’t forget to install a mirror in your closet (especially if it’s walk-in). Directly attached to a door, or a closet rod, it won’t take up any room.

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