5 Storage Solutions for Dishes in Small Kitchens

A small kitchen needs suitable storage, ones adapted to avoid disorder and lavish decoration. Discover our “space saving” solutions to store your dishes in a practical and aesthetic way.


specific dishes
When it comes to professional kitchens, some dishes are better suited than others for closet storage, notably cups and glasses.
Try to pick stackable ones, so that you can store them in any direction (side up, or down). Some glasses have the advantage of fitting in any storage space, large or small.
Swap out your large cups for bigger, thinner mugs than can be stacked. They can be found in a variety of colors (beige, black, white, pink, etc.), and will adapt to any decoration.

Corner cabinets

corner cabinet
Corners in kitchens are often misused. They are however among the most effective solutions to accommodate your dishes. Corner cabinets offer drawers with specific hinges allowing free access, while giving an overview for convenience.
To store additional dishes, opt for a corner drawer including a rotating tray inside. Generally with two levels, this type of model allows you to store dishes down to the bottom and still access it by rotating.

Overhead storage

overhead storage
In small spaces, always remember to use overhead space to store items. In order to not impose on the decoration, prefer longer drawers and hinged doors.
Many models are shallow to accommodate narrower kitchens.
If there is space between the cabinets and the ceiling, install on top of them baskets to store the dishes that you use occasionally (from baking pans to even household robots). Cover them to protect against dust.


hooks dishes
Once you’ve stored the heavy sets in top cabinets, you can hang lighter dishes with hooks attached to walls. A few here, a few there, try to pick dishes that can blend in the background. For examples, you can try white cups against a white tiled background, or two-tone mugs matching the dual color scheme you picked for your kitchen.
Having hooks on kitchen walls allows a more dynamic decoration. It makes the place livelier, instead of simply hiding everything in cabinets.

Display shelves

display dishes
Transform your dishes into decorative objects that contribute to your kitchen’s decor. Expose them. Hang display cases or shelves to the walls, matching them to the rest. Lighter woods to accentuate a more natural spirit, royal blue to add colors to an all-white room. For a more original ambiance, display your most colorful and interesting mugs.

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