5 Accessories To Make From Recycled Materials

5 Accessories To Make From Recycled Materials

One of today’s decorative trend is using recycled materials to create accessories. Both economical and ecological, this idea to customize your decor combines old with new.
Here are five accessories you can make with recycled materials to brighten up your place. Practical and fun.

Coat Rack | Clock | Dispensers | Storage | Cans

A decorative coat rack

decorative coat rack
It may be hard to believe, but you can create your own amazing coat rack thanks to the art of recycling.
To start, try to find in your drawers old handles. Prefer large and round handles where it’ll be easier to hang different items (coats, scarves, hats, etc.).
Take out a wooden plank, then cut it until you’ve reached your desired size. Attach to it your new hooks/handles.
All you need to do now is find the perfect wall and location to install your new creation. In a few minutes, you’ll have made a unique coat rack without having spent a cent.

Make a kitchen clock

kitchen clock
To create a kitchen clock that will make your mouth water, you’ll simply need to recycle old cutlery and a large clock mechanism/movement. Here’s how:
First off, you’ll need a dozen cutlery items. Forks, knives, spoons, large or small, it doesn’t matter. The only thing is that you need twelve elements to represent each hour on the dial. Next up, you’ll have to find a box, if possible wide and round, and rather flat. You’ll need ti to use as a setting to install your cutlery and clock. Now all that’s left is assembling everything, and find the right place to proudly display your hand-made kitchen clock.
For an extra decorative effect, you can substitute your traditional cutlery with original cooking utensils, such as a whisk, spatula or ladle.

A second youth for jars

recycled jars
Once finished, empty jars, especially jam jars, can be recycled to make way for new decorative accessories. For example, you can use them to display as a centerpiece your spices.
You can also transform them into a sugar or salt dispenser. All you need to do is drill a few small holes in the lid to let the grains out. For a soap dispenser, cut a hole the size of your pump.

Old wooden crates become storage

recycled crate
If you have wooden crates lying around after buying fruits or vegetables, you can turn them into storage on wheels.
For storage, you can choose to simply sand the crate, then treat the wood to keep its appearance. Then you just need to attach some wheels. You can also decide to repaint and customize the crate according to you decorative style. It’s also possible to cover the edges of the crate’s fabric using ribbons or embroidery to make it look both rustic and sophisticated.

Cans recycled into decorative objects

recycled cans
Do you know that once completed the cans can be transformed into practical and fun decorative objects like pencil holders, small contemporary vases or candlesticks? To do this, it’s very easy.
Get your can and clean it well. Paint it with a suitable paint. Acrylic is particularly strong and indelible, plus it dries fairly quickly (which means you can add a lot of layers in a short amount of time). Once done, you can pretty much used your customized can as you wish.
You can even use it outdoor or on your balcony, in which case you should use paint that will protect it from rust.

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