3 Ways To Hide An Ugly Outdoor Wall

You have an ugly wall outside your place, perhaps separating your home from your neighbors.
It’s really distracting to the eye, and you really want to hide it. Here are three ways.

Decoration | Camouflage | Green

1. Decoration

decorating outdoor wall
This is probably the simplest solution; that is, painting or decorating the ugly wall.
The idea is to either actually highlight the wall with a mural, or make it invisible by painting it white.
If you pick the second option, you can decorate it with a large array of accessories or smaller, colorful items that will take the attention away from the wall. There are many decorations that can be used, such as bird houses, windmills, watering cans, etc.

To punctuate it all, you can also have a variety of plants, and terracotta pots of various sizes, along the wall. You have to think in terms of diversity.
Don’t forget evergreen plants to dress it all up.

2. Camouflage

camouflage outdoor wall
By “camouflaging” the wall, you will of course be trying to hide it from the common observer.
The first thing you may want to try is the use of reeds or thin plants (e.g. cut bamboo).
If you don’t have “real” plants at your disposal, try pre-made fences that mimic them (mainly reed fencing). They’re usually affordable, and easy to install. You can go for redder ones to emphasize a more “brick wall” feel.

After that, you can plant vines that take up a little more floor space (wisteria, clematis, etc.), or even ivy that has the advantage of keeping its leaves year-round.
Finally, you can add a nice bench to break off the wall’s length. Hang some artwork to finish it off nicely.

3. Green

green outdoor wall
This may sound obvious, but creating a green wall may be the more ideal option for an outdoor wall.
With that said, it takes a lot more work than the two previous options.
For one thing, you’ll need to buy special bags to attach to the wall.

You’ll then need to select the appropriate variety of plants that are adapted to what you’re trying to do. In other words, you want to pick the ones that can “flow” along the wall, and will eventually completely overshadow it.
You may also want to have some grass surrounding the wall, covering any empty patches around it.

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