Clean Your Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas are beautiful, comfortable, and soft to the touch. To preserve it and ensure a long life, it is important to maintain it carefully.
Here’s how to take care of your fabric couch in the easiest of ways.

Maintenance | Stains

Regular maintenance

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It is important to regularly clean your sofa fabric. Maintenance is easier for sofas with removable covers, as you can simply remove the affected area and wash in a machine, or by hand (every other month). Sofas without a removable cover are more difficult to maintain. Here’s how to do it.


Twice a month, if not once a week, vacuum-clean your sofa to remove any dust.
You can use the soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the fabric.


About twice a year, you’ll need to clean your sofa in depth. There are two options.

Liquid shampoo
Using water and liquid shampoo, gently rub the mix all over your sofa. You’ll then need to rinse your couch and let it dry. This method is very effective, but cannot be used on tissues that do not support water.

Dry cleaning with dry foam
In most stores you’ll be able to find foam dispensers specially adapted to clean fabric couches. To avoid any bad bleaching surprises, always test your product on a non-visible part of your couch.


Since the couch is one of the most widely used furniture at home, it will be exposed to stains of all kinds.
The first thing to do when you stain your sofa is to gently blot the stain with paper towels. Don’t rub violently. Simply dab the stain, gently, from the outside toward the center to prevent it from spreading.

Here are some tips to clean your sofa depending on the nature of the stain:
Mud stain: it is important not to get water on it. Let the soil dry, then brush the stain away.
Blood stain: moisten a cloth with cold water.
Wine/coffee stains: blot the stain gently with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and water in equal proportions.

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  1. I have always used dry foam to clean my sofa, but I recently put it in the wash and the water actually turned black! make sure you wash your sofas people.

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