5 Overlooked Cleaning Spots

When cleaning an apartment or house, people are usually too focused on taking care of the area in general to remember the details. Dust, dirt and bacteria will settle anywhere and everywhere they can. Here are five spots you should not overlook next time you’re cleaning.


dirty doorknob
The number one spot that is often overlooked when cleaning.
Since they’re obviously the way you open doors, you will touch them more often than you think. In fact, so will everyone else. Front doors are especially prone to bacteria, but don’t miss the one in the bathroom either.
When you’ve cleaned them, you can also polish them for a nice finish.

Ceiling fans

dirty ceiling fan
Out of sight, out of mind? Ceiling fans are overlooked mostly because the dirt that accumulates isn’t visible (unless you use a ladder). But leaving dust undisturbed is a great way to have mites move in (even up there). What could be worse is using the fan, inadvertently scattering them around your house.
To clean a ceiling fan, start by putting under it a cloth or sheets (to capture whatever dirt falls off). Then, use a stepladder to put you just above the blades. Slip a pillowcase, or bag over each blade, and pull the trapped dust back. If you have residuals, you can spray the dirt away with water mixed with white vinegar (or soap).


dirty baseboard
Perhaps it is because they are near the ground that people often forget to clean baseboards. Especially if you have pets, cleaning them may also be a hassle.
You can use fabric softener to keep baseboards cleaner. In other words, use a dryer sheet to dust them. It is excellent for two reasons: on a practical level, it removes any static. The sheets will also coat as they clean. Fabric softener will push hair towards the floor, where you can use a broom to sweep up.


irty blinds
There are a few tricks to cleaning blinds. If you’re dealing with horizontal blinds, first turn them so the convex side faces you (exposing the dust). Brush away the loose dust towards the floor. There are specific dusters for blinds if need be.
Another trick is to use a spray bottle with a mix of water and vinegar to clean them thoroughly. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.
Do not forget to completely dry them once you’re done cleaning.


dirty appliances
You may remember to clean your stove top, but did you know fridges are the most overlooked appliance to clean? Those handles do need cleaning, especially if you’re often handling fresh protein (fish, meat, etc.).
When taking care of the exterior of your appliances, make sure to wipe the doors, including the edges. Use a dampened cloth with dish-washing liquid and water to clean the top. Don’t forget the areas around the handles, which may have stains or sticky fingerprints. Door seals are also important.

Hopefully, with this list, you won’t forget these spots next time you go on a cleaning rampage.

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