6 Quick Tips For A Dust-Free Home

Fighting dust is an endless struggle. But where to start?
Here are six quick tips to get rid of dust in your home.

1. Many people seem to forget that one of the best recourse against dust is placing a mat not only outside your home, but also have a second one inside. This will considerably reduce the intake of dust and debris.

2. Make sure your vents are working properly and clean them regularly so that air can circulate well. Otherwise, you may make things worse by actually spreading dust instead of limiting it.

dusty home
3. Don’t over-wax your surfaces and furniture. Doing it with excess may lead to dust accumulation, which will “stick” more easily.

4. If you live in an urban area, try not to keep your windows open at all time. Only ventilate your rooms about five to ten minutes a day.

5. To effectively remove dust, your first weapon of choice should be the vacuum cleaner. It removes dust without leaving traces on other surfaces.
For smaller corners and irregular areas, use a feather duster.

6. For a perfect finish, get a microfiber cleaning cloth that will attract dust and remove anything that remains.
Your cloth is also perfect for dusting plants. Just go gently on each leaf.

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