6 Ways to Get Rid Of Spiders

Afraid of spiders or just want to avoid having any in your home?
Here are six simple tricks to get rid of spiders.

White Vinegar

white vinegar bottle
Regularly spray some white vinegar around your windows and doors. With this trick, spiders won’t want to enter your home.

Alum Stone

alum stone
With some alum powder, you can easily create for yourself a natural repellent.
Dissolve a couple ounces of alum powder in half a liter of warm water. Mix and pour into a spray bottle.
Spray areas where spiders are most likely to spend their time.


Spiders hate the smell of lavender. Add some regularly in every room of your house through lavender essential oils.
You can also make lovely bouquets of lavender for a more decorative solution.


Next time you’re taking a walk in the forest, use the opportunity to collect some chestnuts.
Cut them in half and arrange them in every corner. This old trick is known to repel spiders.
Chestnut tree leaves are also a good way to get rid of them. Put them near windows’ edges.

Tomato leaves

tomato leaves
Put tomato leaves near your windows and doors. The spiders are repelled by the smell.
Consider changing the leaves as they become too dry.


mint leaves
Like other tips, it is the smell that will act against the spiders.
The trick is to crush fresh mint, and add it to emptied out tea bags. Then place them in key spots around your home.

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  1. Leviticus Bennett

    I think that it is interesting that placing chestnuts on a window is thought to repel spiders. My basement has all kinds of creepy crawlers. I am probably going to need something stronger than chestnuts. It may be best to find a pest control company that has pesticides made to get rid of spiders.

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