4 Tips For Green Cleaning In Your Kitchen

Cleaning your home can actually pollute, depending on the products you use. But there are a few ways to reduce the problem.
Here are four simple tips to clean green in your kitchen.

1. Doing the dishes without wasting water

dishes sink
First fill your sink with some hot water and a few drops of green dish-washing liquid to degrease everything. Dump your dirty plates and clean them.
Once they’re ready to be rinsed off, use your second sink or basin with some cold water to “break” the foam easily.

2. Pamper your fridge

fridge cleaning
Every other week, clean the inside of your fridge with a sponge soaked in lemon juice.
Lemon actually fights mold and prevents contamination of nasty bacteria from food.
To fight unpleasant odors, place some coffee beans in a bowl and place it in the back.

3. Cleaning the oven

clean oven
When stains are embedded, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the oven. The are will then need to be moistened by spraying some water. Leave it overnight and then scratch with a spatula the area the following day. Then use a sponge and rinse it off.

4. Coffee uses

coffee grounds
Like baking soda, coffee grounds can clean and deodorize pans, casseroles and saucepans. The method is simple: rub the coffee with your bare hands or a cloth or sponge.
It can also serve as a degreaser for glasses or containers with fatty liquids.
A tablespoon of coffee in the pipeline as preventive treatment is great against clogged sink. This will also help overcome odor.

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