10 Hacks To Become Dustproof

You’re tired of dusting your furniture, and even your clothes are now getting some buildup.
To make your place dustproof, we have found ten easy hacks to take care of the problem (and that picture above is supposed to be a dust bunny).

1. Delay dust buildup on your furniture

dust buildup
There is a trick to delay the onset of dust on your furniture: turpentine.
In practice, here’s what you need to do. Prepare the following mixture:

  • 1 part olive oil
  • 1 part vinegar
  • 1 part turpentine oil

This oil blend will “feed” the wood, making it less sticky and shinier. More importantly however, it gets rid of any dust buildup for up to eight days.

2. Create a free anti-static cloth

Use your old hosiery to dust off your floors, furniture and various appliances.
After cutting off old pantyhose or tights around the calf, put them on your broom. The fibers are anti-static and attract dust just as effectively as expensive microfiber cloths.
You can also put them on your hands to dust off the furniture. Effective and convenient.

3. Avoid greasy dust in your kitchen

When we cook, dust ends up encrusted with grease on appliances and furniture. To deliver you from the drudgery of cleaning, try some plastic wrap. Here’s the 2-step process:

  • Wash your dirty furniture once with soap diluted in hot water.
  • Add some large plastic wrap across your appliances or furniture.

This is especially useful for large wall elements where grease settles in very quickly. All that is left to do is peel it off and replace the wrap three or four times a year, if necessary.

4. Protect your computer vents

computer vents
Dust tends to rush into your computer tower’s ventilation system. It then rejects part of it back into your home. Here’s how to make your own:

  • Cut out a piece of your pantyhose, the size of your computer vent.
  • Secure it with tape.

Your tower will attract less dust inside it. It’ll give your computer a longer life.

5. Dust your books properly

dusty book
Books require special attention when dusting, especially when you want to take care of their pages.
To dust the edges and binding, use a small soft brush, or even a paintbrush. Using a cloth could force the dust between the pages. Always avoid moisture to prevent molding.

6. Use starch

starch spray
Can clothes be impervious to dust? It is possible with some starch. Made of spherical small grains, starch has an “anti-adhesion” composition.
Add some starch when you’re washing your linens (tablecloths, covers, etc.). You’ll effectively delay the buildup of dust, simplify ironing, smooth out the fabrics, and treat their wrinkles.

7. Dust your broom

dusty broom
Just because brooms are used to get rid of dirt doesn’t mean they should always be dirty.
From time to time, it’s a good idea to let them have a bath with bleach or ammonia.
If they are made of nylon or synthetic bristles, you can simply wash them with warm water and a bit of bleach.
For natural bristles (pig/horsehair/rice), replace the bleach with a tablespoon of ammonia in a liter of water. Rinse well.

8. Use tea leaves

tea leaves
If you don’t want dust flying away during your brooming sessions on hard surfaces, then tea leaves are the solution.
Throw some wet leaves on the floor, and broom away. Their moisture retain dust, and will make your cleaning job easier.

9. Dust your candles

small candle
The wax from decorative candles attracts dust. To clean it out, there’s nothing better than fishnet stockings.
Remove dust from candles by scraping them with old fishnet stockings (meshed).
This is extremely convenient when you want to dust off the wax without damaging the candle. Never use flammable detergent, for obvious safety reasons.

10. Change your vacuum cleaner bag, dust-free

vacuum cleaner bag
Changing the vacuum bag can be very dangerous: all the dust can fly everywhere. To avoid this, keep some old newspapers.
Switch your vacuum bag above a small “mat” made of moist newspaper. They’ll be able to retain any dust. All that’s left is throwing out the paper.

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