10 Minute Bathroom Cleanup

Who really has the time or energy to devote hours to cleaning up their bathrooms for potential guests?
With some quick fixes and a few tips to help you along the way, you can now have a clean bathroom without actually having to set some time aside for it.
Life is too short to spend so much time cleaning. Here’s an easy solution that will free you up to do…other things.

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What you will need

Make sure to have all of your necessary supplies together before you get started. Having to run up or down the stairs to pick up supplies will only lead to distractions that will not make your bathroom cleanup any faster. curtain bathroom cleanupYou should also try to invest in quality cleaning products. Don’t skimp! Cater more towards natural cleaning products when you can, so as to avoid any potential fragrance allergies of house guests or overpowering scents.
You’ll need the following:

  • Trash can liners
  • Microfiber clothes
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Disposable gloves
  • A basket
  • Wipes
  • Glass cleaner or vinegar
  • Toilet-bowl cleaner
  • Broom

The Cleanup

Now that you have all your cleaning tools at the ready, let’s dive right in.
Minute 1
Start by throwing all dirty clothing into a basket. Don’t focus on unfolding pants legs or sorting the colors. Prioritize the chore by putting all of the clothes into the basket.
Minute 2
Pick up all the noticeable trash. Either throw it away or put it in the recycling bin.
Minute 3
Get out your disinfectant wipes and completely wipe down the sink and tub area. You may need to spend a bit more on the sink than the tub since it’s usually much more “visible” than the other. Remember: you are only trying to get the bathroom presentable. Don’t overdo it. Remember also to wear disposable gloves during this process.
Minute 4
Scrub out the inside of the toilet. You only need to maintain it to the same level as the last time you scrubbed it.
fancy bathroom cleanupMinute 5
Wipe down the outside of the toilet. Just run over the surface.
Minute 6
Clean the mirror thoroughly with your glass cleaner or vinegar. Remember that guests usually notice mirror streaks the most, so put some effort into this!
Minute 7
Gather all the items belonging elsewhere. You can focus on returning these later, just throw them all into a basket.
Minute 8
Put all items that belong in the bathroom back in their original locations – do not focus on tidying up at this time, merely put the items back accordingly and move on.
Minute 9
Take a mop or broom to the floor. The goal is to make sure it at least meats the minimum sanitation standards. Don’t focus on every little crumb, as this will only wear you down and detract you from what you’re trying to do. Focus on the main area.
Minute 10
Put away all of your cleaning products, just in time for the doorbell to ring. Make sure to take some time to marvel at your handiwork. You just rocked a clean bathroom in under ten minutes!


Although this process is simple and easy, you do still need to repeat it every once in a while. Consider going through these motions once a week minimum. Do this twice a week if you are more prone to house guests or have found yourself with a slew of messy children (or messy friends).

If you keep up with this stellar cleaning process, the bathroom will become much easier to clean and ten minutes can eventually be diminished to five.
Efficiency will also be increased if you keep all of your bathroom cleaning supplies in the same place. Scouring the house searching for supplies will eat away at a significant amount of your time if you let it. Organization will immensely benefit you in the long run.

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