10 Minute Kitchen Cleanup

In today’s always busy, no-time-for-cleaning world, it’s nice to find helpful methods to clean faster and more efficiently. Introducing our brand new 10-minute cleanup guide. This time, it’s for the kitchen. That one room where family gathers, meals are cooked, and conversations are enjoyed. Knowing exactly how to clean a kitchen quickly and efficiently helps you keep the kitchen an attractive hub.

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What you’ll need

kitchen counter cleanup

  • Baskets For Storage
  • Sponges/Cleaning Cloths
  • Disposable Cleaning Wipes – Antibacterial wipes are a good choice
  • Glass Cleaner – For glass surfaces like oven doors
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Steel Wool Pads – For tough messes
  • Broom, Mop Or Both – For tile or laminate floors
  • Carpet Sweeper Or Vacuum – If kitchen floor is carpeted

The Cleanup

Start the clock.
Minutes 1 – 2
Once the clock is ticking, you want to begin with anything in the kitchen that doesn’t belong there. Put items into baskets according to the rooms they belong in.
Minutes 3 – 5
Next, you will want to tackle any dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher, a quick rinse and putting them into the dishwasher is probably all you’ll need to do. Add detergent, then turn on the dishwasher and continue to clean your kitchen.
Minute 6
Wipe all counter surfaces either with sponges, ones with a scrubber side, or disposable cleaning wipes. You can use whichever product you think will do the job best depending on how messy the area is. Make sure the sponge you use doesn’t harm delicate areas. Scrubbing sponges work beautifully on surfaces like tile and granite.
Minute 7
After wiping counter top surfaces, tackle the stove top surface. How you clean your stove top will depend on what it is made of. For traditional, modern metal stove tops, wiping will normally be enough using a wet sponge or cleaning cloth. If you have a surface that requires special cleaner (like flat or ceramic surfaces), be sure to have some of your special cleaner on hand. Your owner’s manual for the stove and oven will help you know exactly how to clean it and will also recommend effective cleaning products. Wipe oven and microwave doors with glass cleaner.
dishes kitchen cleanupMinute 8
Take a minute or so to look over the kitchen one more time. You may have missed some areas (food splattered on a wall near the stove, for example). Clean those up quickly. Look for any out-of-place items that were missed when you began to clean the kitchen and move those away.
Minute 9 – 10
Then, if your kitchen floor is tile or laminate, use a quick mop with an attached pad. Push the button to spray floor cleaner on the floor, then go over the floor in a back and forth sweeping motion. If your kitchen floor is carpeted, use a carpet sweeper or a vacuum cleaner.


In between cleanings, try to keep things that don’t belong in the kitchen where they do. This helps to keep you from needing to organize them into baskets on kitchen cleaning day. When mail comes in during the week, go through it immediately so it doesn’t pile up on the kitchen counter. File things that need filing right away. Keep bills in a handy organizer so they can be paid on time. Throw unnecessary mail away. You also need to keep dishes rinsed. Put them into the dishwasher and wipe the counters daily. Kitchen cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Simply devote 10 minutes a day, every other day. This should help to keep any kitchen shining, beautiful and a very enjoyable place for everyone to be.

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