10 Minute Living Room Cleanup

You get a surprise visitor. A mad scramble begins where you throw all your clutter behind the couch. There’s a way to avoid this. Introducing our new 10-minute cleanup guide. The living room is pretty much the most central room in an apartment (or home). It pretty much needs to be the cleanest (or at least look like it). No need to stress-out about it.

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What you’ll need

dirty living room cleanup

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dust mop, for hardwood floors
  • Dust cloth and soft rag
  • Two boxes – one for trash and one for misplaced items
  • Long-handled duster
  • Glass cleaning solution and towels

The Cleanup

Minute 1
Start at the top of the room and work in a complete circle. Store all supplies in a carryall container that contains the recommended supplies. Keep the vacuum cleaner in proper working order with a strong belt and clean bag. Position the trash and clutter boxes within easy reach from anywhere in the living room.
Minutes 2 – 3
Select the starting point and gather trash and items that must be removed from the room while dusting with the other hand. Toss items into the appropriate box. Fight the desire to leave the room. Work from the highest points to the lower ones. Notice areas that must be addressed with a cleaning solution. Do not stop until the entire room has been cleared of debris.
Minutes 4 – 5
Brush crumbs from surfaces, including the upholstery, onto the floor to be vacuumed away. Pay close attention to the decorative items that must be re-positioned and straightened.
Minute 6
Return to the starting point with the long-handled duster and address cobwebs and dust around the curtains and upper wall spaces.
Minute 7
Dust the electronic equipment with the soft cloth. Remember to dust the back of the equipment, which is the source of dust for the rest of the room.
Minutes 8 – 9
Vacuum the room by starting in the farthest corner. For hardwood floors, use a high-quality duster designed to shine the floor and pick up dust on one step.
Minute 10
Address the smudges on glass surfaces with a lint-free cloth and glass cleaning solution. Remove fingerprints from the lower portion of windows.

Time-Saving Tips

dirty small living room cleanup

  • The first few attempts must be considered training sessions to refine the technique. Do not become discouraged and give up!
  • Deep cleaning sessions will be required at regular intervals that are appropriate to your lifestyle.
  • Supplies must be stored in a convenient place where they can be accessed in an instant.
  • Purchase high-quality cleaning implements, including soft rags, since they offer the best results and are easy to use.
  • Refine the 10-minute living room routine over a period of 90 days. Make adjustments that improve the time required to finish the task.


Notice the progress each time this routine is performed. Positive reinforcement is essential to continue to refine the technique that works best for the room. Revisit the areas that were left behind last time around. Empty the trash box and put away items from the clutter box. Consider keeping some notes until this cleaning routine is mastered.
A living room that is the center of activity for the entire family will require daily maintenance. Allowing an entire week to pass before completing all of this will derail the progress. Brief cleaning episodes allow you to sustain a high standard without investing multiple hours each week.

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