Clean Your Leather Sofa

Taking care of a leather sofa may be arduous for some people. From burns to maintaining the correct shine, such a couch may be time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.
Here’s how to properly take care of your leather sofa.

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First and foremost, here are some basic tips to follow:

  • Don’t rub the leather too much when trying to remove stains. Instead, gently dab them.
  • Try to clean stains as soon as they happen. If you act immediately, most non-greasy stains can be removed with a clean, moistened cloth.
  • Let the couch dry itself normally, away from any heat source to prevent it from shriveling. When the leather is completely dry, you can wax it with dedicated products.
  • Avoid chemical products when cleaning leather. Using solvents allows removal of grease stains. But colored leather doesn’t always allow them.
  • Try first to apply the stain remover on a hidden area of the sofa. You’ll ensure that it doesn’t change the colors and shine. If you find some dye on the cloth

Clean the leather sofa thoroughly

leather sofa
Use a damp and moist soft cloth with some cleansing milk (used in makeup removers). Add a few drops of white vinegar or ammonia.
Wash away the stains. Be careful to change the cloth if it becomes too dirty.
Then use another cloth moistened with moisturizer/nourishing cream to “polish” the leather.
If you have an extremely dirty leather couch, you can even utilize products used for cleaning horse saddles.

Clean the leather armrests and back

leather sofa armrest
If you have stains on specific areas around the couch, you can remove them by sprinkling them with some baby powder, or talc.
Let the powder sit for several hours. Then brush the leather. Repeat if necessary.
If the armrests and back are more than simply stained, you can use the above cleaning method on them.

Clean the seams

leather sofa seams
You can clean the sofa’s seams using either cotton swab or a cloth wound around your finger. Wet them with soapy water and a few drops of white vinegar.
A toothbrush with some water and toothpaste may also be effective.
Regardless of the technique you choose, be careful not to go on the leather.

Remove burns on the leather sofa

leather sofa burns
Burn marks on leather are notoriously difficult to remove.
If they are superficial, you can always try to mitigate them by gently using on it a pumice stone. Then dab the area with a cloth soaked in oil.
All that remains is polishing the leather with a shine of the same color.

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