Organize Bathroom Products

Can you find what you need quickly when you check your bathroom? Or do you have drawers full of useless stuff? It’s time to learn how to organize bathroom products the right way.

separate bathroom items
Start by taking everything out. Separate items according to usage, in various groups. Think about which items you use every morning, day after day. Which ones do you use at night? If you’re lucky, you have a ton of storage space (drawers, etc.) and your task will be fairly simple.
What you end up picking should match your daily routines. For example, if you’re a man, you’ll probably use every morning toothpaste, shaving cream, a comb, a razor, maybe even facial cleansers or sunscreen. Start by finding all these “morning” items and placing them in a stack. For night-time, your routine may require floss or moisturizer. Do the same.

bathroom drawers
Clean out your drawers and make count of items leftover. Try putting only the items you use on a daily basis in those two drawers. If you have more than two drawers, then you can increase the items you put with ones used less frequently (teeth whitening, etc.).
Having quick-access to daily used items is a good storage system for any utilitarian room, especially the bathroom. You can of course create your own system, but the idea is to have everything where it should be, instead of a default area where you just throw everything in.

bathroom baskets
If you do not have drawers in your bathroom, you probably have some sort of vertical storage or space near your sink (mirror, mirror). You can also try getting small baskets to store your items in bulk, or getting two and stacking them according to your needs (one for the AM, the other for the PM).
Maximize the space by adding shelves above the toilet seat, or using the area near the window. You can suspend some of those baskets for your hair brush, dryer, curling iron or other hair products.

rolling bathroom cart
For your makeup needs, you can try adding a small rolling cart in your bathroom to use for your morning routines. If that doesn’t work, consider using a basket with a handle that you can hook onto the sink.
If your bathroom is too small to apply makeup, don’t give up. There’s no law saying you have to put it on there. If you have a large wardrobe or dresser, create an area with good lighting, and use it for your makeup needs. You can make a similar arrangement for your hair.

Have fun and be creative. There is no one way to do something, especially when it comes to organization. Try to find the way that is best for your, and improves your daily routines.

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