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Fall Soil Preparation

It is during the fall that the soil needs to be prepared for the winter to come. Here's what you need to know to make your soil strong enough.

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Showcase Your Plants

A flower garden is a real added value to a home that needs to be highlighted. Here are three ways to showcase your plants beautifully.

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How To Stencil A Wall

A stencil can be found in many forms, including a cardboard or plastic sheet. Here's how to simply stencil your art in your home with almost no effort.

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Clean Your Fridge

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your fridge is essential to prevent bacteria growth. Here's everything you need to know to clean efficiently.

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6 Simple Tips To Cook Lighter

Cooking lighter without complicating life is possible. Here are six simple tips for slimmer, healthier and leaner way to cook.

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Protect Your Plants From Winter

Some plants are not adapted for a harsh winter. They need to be protected from falling temperatures and wind. Here's how to take care of them.

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Create A Japanese-Style Bedroom

To give your bedroom a Japanese style, harmony and simplicity are essential. Here are some tips to give your room the ultimate Asian inspiration.

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Install Outdoor Lighting

To install an outdoor lighting system, you'll need to do a lot of precise work. Here's how to seamlessly setup your light fixtures.

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Unclutter Now: Magazines & Articles

Most people accumulate a ton of articles, newspapers and magazines to maybe read some day. Here's how to unclutter this useless paperwork.

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Clean Your Shower Drain

Your shower can quickly get clogged with hair or other things, preventing water from draining properly. Here's how to simply clean your shower drain.

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