Showcase Your Plants

A flower garden is a real added value to a home. To highlight your plantings, there are a few solutions available to you.
Here are three ways to showcase your plants beautifully.


Easy to place on the window sill, on the terrace, or in the house, pots are the least expensive solution when it comes to emphasizing your plants.
They’re also available in a wide range of materials, from the more light weights (plastic) to stronger, more robust ones (stone, ceramics). They can efficiently protect your plants and can be customized as desired.
Pots can provide a decorative function, as you can tweak them with mosaics, or colorful moldings depending on the effect you wish for.
For an outdoor use, prefer heavy materials, such as metal, that prevent plants from tipping over in the wind.

Bins and planters

plant container
When it comes to your outdoor, larger planters and bins are the ideal containers for your small shrubs and flowering plants.
They come in different sizes to fit your needs. Like pots, you can find them in various materials that can match any outdoor decor.
Wood, terracotta and ceramic are the most common, and perfect choices for a home with a rustic spirit.
Aluminium and composite will adapt to a more contemporary genre.
Exotic woods (e.g. iroko) are great for any styles and will withstand outdoor conditions really well.


An arbor is a small construction, usually wooden, circular and shape with a rounded top. It has a screen on which vines can wrap and grow around.
This decorative solution is interesting, since it can also serve as a partition or screen, while offering a support for your plants. You can also lean it against your home. It is a great idea also for smaller surfaces.
Overall, this is one of the most aesthetic choices around. You’ll find your happiness in many sizes and materials, from wood, to plastic and wrought iron. Most can easily mount themselves.

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