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8 Tips For Healthy Plants

Many plant ailments can be avoided with a few precautions. Follow these eight tips to reduce the risk of disease in your garden.

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Create A Seaside-Inspired Bathroom

To create a bathroom in the spirit of the sea, the key will be in adapting your room to the environment it portrays. Here's how to pull it off.

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Set The Ideal Home Temperature

An overheated house can be harmful to your health and your wallet. Here's everything to know when setting your thermostat to the optimal temperature.

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4 Simple Tips To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Cleaning and maintaining a nice bedroom is essential. Good hygiene will help you enjoy a peaceful sleep. Here are four simple tips to freshen up your room.

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3 Basics For A Perfect Candle-Light Dinner

A small candlelight dinner is the perfect way to (re)connect with your significant other. Here's how to pull off the most romantic of evenings.

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Create A Fall Balcony Garden

Now that summer has past, it is time to refresh the balcony. From foliage to decor and flowers, here's everything to know when crafting your autumn garden.

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Simply Modernize Your Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen, traditional or rustic, has become a little dated and isn't as pleasing. Here's how to simply modernize your kitchen efficiently, and cheaply.

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Install A Smoke Detector

Every apartment or home needs to be equipped with smoke detectors to warn against any fires. Here's everything to know when installing your own detector.

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How To Clean Windows Effectively

Cleaning windows is a simple task, yet some tips can make your life easier plus save you some money (and time).

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5 Main Rules For Your Next Dinner Party

Friends are coming over for dinner and you don't want to make mistakes. Here are five simple rules to follow to make it through.

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