6 Simple Tips To Cook Lighter

Cooking lighter without complicating life is possible.
Here are six simple tips for slimmer, healthier and leaner way to cook.

Choose the right cooking method

wok cook
For lighter and tastier food, choose different modes of cooking. Ideally, pick ones that require little to no fat. These include:

  • steam or stewing
  • wok
  • en papillote (pouched)

Pan-frying is okay when used with butter. However, fried foods or ones cooked in oil baths need to be banned, or at least rarefied.

Limit the fat

tablespoon butter
This is one of the basic rules of a small kitchen. Fats are high in calories. It is therefore important to limit their use when cooking.
A tablespoon of butter in a dish of pasta, or a tablespoon of olive oil in the bottom of the pan is more than enough.

Lighten your sauces

heavy sauce
To alleviate the sauces that accompany your favorite recipes, it’s easy.
For example, you can replace the heavy cream that you normally use for your cocktail sauces or your quiche with lighter ones.
Reduce the share of oil in your salad dressings and exchange it for a few drops of lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Degrease your meat and poultry

degreasing meat
Some cuts of meat and poultry are richer in fat. To remove these excess calories, it’s simple:

  • Remove skin from poultry.
  • Remove the visible fat with a knife.
  • Prick each piece with a fork to allow the fat to drain during cooking.
  • Drain the fat away during the cooking process and replace it with a few drops of water to prevent the meat from drying out.

Use alternative sugars

When it comes to desserts, some sugars are better than others.
Go for sugars with a low glycemic index when you’re preparing them. They’ll avoid lood spikes responsible for cravings.
Some great options are stevia, agave syrup or birch sugar.

Add fruits to your desserts

fruity dessert
When it comes to desserts, there’s nothing better than adding healthy fruits in moderation.
Rich in fiber, vitamins, and low in calories, they will scent your dishes nicely why adding flavor to your food. Tarts, clafoutis or mousses are all simple desserts to bake.

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  1. Selecting the cooking method is the main thing for perfect cooking. I always try to select the best and easier cooking method. By the way thanks for the informative writing.

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